Their customs. Issue number 11 (21 — 28 April)

April 22. The American Houston robbers "took" 4 banks of 4 hours.

April 23. In the UK for 1.5 years in prison convicted employee of the private nursing homes, which with the help of a hidden camera caught in the violence. 30-year-old maniac, reveling in their power over the elderly and taking advantage of their helplessness, methodical blows to the face and other body parts beating his custody charges.

April 24. Near the Russian embassy protest was held from 50 participants. They were protesting against the light sentence maniac who kills the frail elderly women, rendered before the London court, and in support of the rebel sheaths from distant Moscow. 

April 24. In the U.S. trial of former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards for the manipulation of the money received on financing election campaigns. Presumably part of financial income (900 thousand dollars) policies used for the maintenance of his mistress Riell Hunter

April 24. The Washington Free Beacon has counted how many times the couple Khuseinovich Barack Obama appeared in various television programs. Since 2004, the couple visited 195 shows and movies. This is an absolute world record.

April 25. Shame on a national scale associated with the sexual exploits of the elite U.S. special services in Colombia takes on a new twist. According to Republican Senator Chuck Greysli — Colombian prostitutes — is recruited by Russian intelligence spy trained secrets of seduction itself Anna Chapman. Hence, we can assume, at least one staff member of the Presidential Guard — an agent of the Kremlin. After all, someone in the company Razgulyaev secret services had to say — "take the champagne … and women!"

April 25 protection from discrimination on grounds of sex in employment in the United States will now be extended to transsexuals. This decision, as reported by The New York Times, received the Federal Commission for the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC).

April 26. News for rukopozhatnogolovyh. 26-year-old infantryman, a veteran of the war in Iraq, Gary Stein posted on his Facebook page cartoon of the U.S. president and criticized the economic policies pursued by him. At this service Stein ended. Kern was dismissed from the armed forces, and the court refused to consider his claim despite an appeal to the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the freedom of opinion.

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