Their customs. Issue number 12. (April 28 — May 5)

April 24. In Australia, three drunken tourists from Britain got into the aquarium closed for the night, swam in the pool with the dolphins and stole a penguin.

April 28. U.S. authorities fined the pastor Terry Jones in the amount of $ 271 — for violation of Security at the time of the fire burning the Koran.

May 1. In Poland, a female dentist revenge on her former lover, having pulled out all his teeth while he was under anesthesia. 

May 1. The head office of the Federal Anti-narcotics in San Diego, William Sherman offered his "deepest apologies" UCLA student Daniel Chong. Man arrested during a raid on a stash of alleged drug dealers, where they found 18,000 ecstasy tablets. Later it turned out that Chong has no relation to the tablets. But the chief anti-drug management apologized for both. Employees DEA student imprisoned in the bullpen, and he remembered the only 5 days! In order not to die in a cell without food or water, Chong was forced to drink their own urine.

May 3. As part of the case of werewolves in white coats in the United States have been arrested at least 83 people — doctors, nurses and other hospital staff. According to the investigation, writing out bills for non-existent or unnecessary medical services, they expect to receive from the state 452 million dollars. How much they have already received, while it is not known, but authorities suspect that we can talk about tens and hundreds of millions. As a result of the disclosure of the fraudulent network, the government suspended the payment of medical bills for at least 52 hospitals and clinics in which the suspects were working.

May 3. The massacre in Arizona. Unknown shot four people and then committed suicide. Among those killed was two-year-girl.

May 4. In Brooklyn, a car driven by secret agents of the United States, death knocked the woman — the mother of five children.

May 4. In the South Texas police found an abandoned house, which was locked in more than 100 illegal immigrants from Mexico. Without food and water people held in custody for three days.

May 4. Night clubs, eat prostitutes, buying luxury goods, aircraft and watches — this is what the financier Ross Mandell without legitimate reason to spend the money entrusted to its clients brokerage Sky Capital. During that Ross the next 12 years hold in prison.


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