Their customs. Issue number 14. (May 12-19)

May 14. Offended by Obama have ignored the evil G-8, Putin decided frostbite his ears, refuse to participate in the September APEC summit in Vladivostok.

May 15. Newsweek magazine has encouraged the U.S. president, placing him on the cover of the latest issue with the caption: "The first president — bugger." The article on the topic of Obama's endorsement of legalization of same-sex marriages browser edition masterpiece leads parallels between gays and Barack Huseynovich, "Obama was to open a black man's identity, and then find the common ground between her and the white family, just as gays discover in themselves their homosexual identity and then have to find common ground with the heterosexual family. "

May 15. Polish vandals do not lag behind their English counterparts. Made their way to the zoo closed for the night, broke the bench, threw urns tigers and brought to the deaths of two giraffes died, zoo workers believed, from fright. 

May 16. Another innocent victim of a brutal machine of American justice. Human rights activists have proved the innocence of a resident of Texas, which no direct evidence was accused of murdering a saleswoman store and upon conviction was executed 23 years ago.

May 16. The U.S. government is no longer able to hold back the flow of negative information on the best in the world of the F-22. And if you can not hold back something, then you should head it — rightly considered Defense Secretary Leon Punnett and gave the order to limit the public to operate the newest miracle fighters.

May 16. Still continues practiced their heinous acts Hague tribunal, to shame the human race shameless disregard for notions of fairness and justice. Dressed in judicial robes executioners began to the proceedings against the 69-year-old Ratko Mladic — the leader of the Bosnian Serbs in the 90s.

May 16. Dozens of military personnel at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune (Camp Lejeune) in North Carolina engaged in theft of military equipment (flares, lights, night vision devices, small arms and ammunition), and its sale through online auctions. According to the investigation by the Commission of the U.S. Navy, the total damage from the activities of enterprising Marines made more than two million dollars.

May 17. In Texas during the flight attack helicopter McDonnell Douglas AH-64 Apache lost a manageable 50-kilogram missile M-36. Residents closest to the crash site hundreds of homes were evacuated. Recall recently there was another emergency involving U.S. military aircraft when on residential buildings in the city Virginia Beach (Virginia) has failed fourth-generation fighter F-16.

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