Their customs. Issue number 15. (May 19-26)

May 19. In the women's college, the Italian city of Brindisi bombings. As a result of terrorist attack killed one person, seven were injured to varying degrees of severity.

May 21. During a fire, an apartment building in the U.S. state of Nebraska burned alive adopted child from Russia. According to firefighters, the child was locked in the basement of the house guardians, and could not get out.

May 21. Fighters for the rights of blacks in the U.S. (NAACP) supported the right of the President of the Negro in the struggle for gay rights — and blacks, and blacks.

May 22. Celebrations of the most representative of the NATO summit held in Chicago, was marred by massive rallies and protests. Talking heads the organization in bullet-proof and sound-proof helmets, closing his eyes, prophesied about the success of the promotion of democracy and western values in the world against the background of the unfolding under their windows, large-scale disturbances and demonstrative bloody suppression of civil liberties.

May 22. Committee on Armed Services of the U.S. Congress after a two-year investigation reluctantly states — the U.S. defense industry is tied to the Chinese counterfeit systematic way.

May 22. New York court sentenced a 51-year-old Thomas Parkin '41 to jail for what he turned into his mother defunct in the Bose, for the misappropriation of benefits from the state.

May 22. The U.S. Treasury has found a key center of global money laundering. It is not difficult to guess that it is in the heart of Belarus — Minsk. Directly behind the house at 27 Lenin Street, on the corner, right from the bakery.

May 24. U.S. Portsmouth joined in the celebration in New York City Fleet Week fire on a nuclear submarine.

May 25. The human rights organization The Equal Justice Initiative has published data showing that in a few years, tens of female prison inmates Tutwiler, located in Wetumpka, were systematically raped by the sadistic guards.

May 26. Britashka bursting at the seams. Scotland began the official campaign for independence.

Issue number 14

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