Their customs. Issue number 16. (May 26 — June 2)

May 26. In the Finnish town of Hyvinkää 18 year old boy climbed onto the roof with a rifle and started shooting cafe passersby. Witnesses say they heard more than twenty shots. Sniper's bullet killed 18-year-old girl and 19-year-old boy. Another seven wounded in the hospital.

May 27. In the U.S. state of New Mexico raging fires. Fire covered about 520 square kilometers of forest. Authorities rushed to evacuate the residents of nearby settlements. Firefighters can not cope with the elements and are forced to flee from the fire, along with civilians.

May 28. In Bosnia, the police arrested the couple, who for eight years held in bondage girl from Germany. The victim was harnessed to a cart, and were fed to pigs and cattle.

May 28. Miami police shot and killed a cannibal, who in a crowded bridge pick the meat from the skull of a living American-bum.

May 29. TV host Chris Hayes on the air his program said that it is inconvenient to call all the dead U.S. soldiers heroes, he feels embarrassed by using the word "hero" because it seems to justify the wars themselves. Journalist has the right to a free country to their own opinion? Sure has. Therefore, after the broadcast, Chris Hayes, a little reflection, expressed a different opinion this morning that he was wrong, that his hand was indeed frivolous judge the war, with no history of military service. Uttering apologies, Chris never winced and touched their buttocks. That's what freedom of speech, so that means pluralism in a single head.

May 29. The Court of Houston (Texas) sentenced 17-year-old Diane Tran (Diane Tran) to 24 hours in jail and a $ 100 fine for truancy. Right, let accustomed.

May 30. Security forces rushed to the hospital in New Jersey bleeding American who at detention ripped his stomach and fought off the police's own innards.

May 30. Scream of the week. California authorities have squandered collected for the children of victims of 9/11 funds to cover the deficit of the state budget.

May 31. The carnage in the U.S. Seattle. 40-year-old man with a Polish surname Stavitskiy ran into a crowded cafe, shot five people and disappeared. Somewhat later Stavitskiy shot the woman in the park, and then shot in the head suicide.

May 31. Meanwhile, police in Madrid firmly presses hard workers, miners, who heads to speak out against the sharp increase (by 60%) reductions in government subsidies for coal mining.

June 1. The court in Boston rejected the law on protection of the family, as it discriminates against gays.

Issue number 15

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