Their customs. Issue number 17. (2 — 9 June)

June 2. Held in Riga Gay Pride "For Human Rights". The procession was headed by gays, U.S. Ambassador to Latvia Judith Garber.

June 2. In Hamburg, Germany, neo-Nazi march over riots: 38 police officers were injured, burned 10 police cars, about 700 people were detained.

June 3. A fire in the building of the new World Trade Center in Manhattan.

June 6. Riot prisoners in a maximum security prison Lee Correctional Institute, South Carolina.

June 7. Knight of the Knights of the British Empire, the world-famous British conductor Michael Brewer and his wife appeared in court in Manchester. According to investigators, the couple Brewer molested and raped one of the students of the music school. Abuse were carried out with a girl 13 years of age and continued until its maturity, that is, within five years.

June 8. Continue to burn the ships of the U.S. Navy. At this time the fire occurred on the newest combat aircraft carrier "George Bush."

June 8. In the United States published the letters Bergdalya Bowie — American prisoner of war, captured by the Taliban in Afghanistan in 2009. The letters were written before the capture of Bowie: "The future is too good to waste on lies, and life is too short to judge others and helping fools with their wrong ideas. I've seen what they become, that makes me feel ashamed to be an American. Smug arrogance where they bathe, terrible. Just disgusting … The U.S. Army humiliated for being honest … but if you're conceited bag of shit, you're allowed to do whatever you want, even in the bargain will give a high rank … it's wrong. I am ashamed to be an American. And the title of an American soldier — just a lie for fools. U.S. Army — just a big joke, over which the world is to laugh. It is an army of liars who can drive a knife in the back of fools and bullies … We were not even hurt when we hear each other's stories of Afghan children, crushed on the dirty streets of our armored trucks … We laugh at them (Afghans) right in their face, and then laugh at the fact that they do not realize that we offend them … I'm sorry for everything. For the fact that America is so terribly disgusting. "


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