Their customs. Issue number 18. (9 — 16 June)

June 11. Another bloodbath in the U.S.. Shooting at University of Alabama. Three killed, several wounded.

June 12. 68-year-old U.S. Commerce Secretary John Bryson hit by his own car stopped in front of the railway crossing Buick. Contact with the owners of Buick minister refused and decided to just get away from the place of Advent. By doing so, John Bryson has not calmed down and within five minutes had arranged another car accident in a nearby village. From here go far Secretary of Commerce could not — without the two years septuagenarian officer lost consciousness. In this state, the police and found him near the scene of the accident.

June 12. U.S. Department of State budget cuts on grants. The size of the Nobel Prize has decreased by 20%.

June 12. With a note "Sur". The leader of the sect of "Black Jews" in the U.S. admitted to two murders motivated by pederastofobii. For information — black Jews — the sect of blacks who believe they are descendants of the ancient Jews.

June 12. In Maryland, an unmanned aerial vehicle crashed U.S. Navy RQ-4A BAMS-D, in the state of New Jersey exploded yacht Blind Date, in Colorado and New Mexico fires engulfed thousands of acres of forest.

June 14. Pentagon buys "Rosoboronexport" has 12 helicopters. The contract amount is estimated at 217.7 million dollars.

June 14. Police democratic Britain blasted machine Welsh student, left a few meters from the building of the House, considering it a threat to security of the parliament. When he returned to his car, rather, what's left of it, the student instead of an apology was fined for parking in the wrong place.

June 14. What is the price of U.S. Secretary of State? June 12th wife of the 42nd President of State Hillary Clinton said, she had information that "on the way from Russia to Syria are attack helicopters," and it "will lead to quite dramatic escalation of the conflict." And on June 14 Spokesman for the U.S. State Department Victoria Nuland said that there is information only about the repair Syrian helicopters Rosoboronexport, but "from our point of view, the Secretary of State has never said that they (the helicopters) were new." Clinton "just said that about the new …" here Nuland stammered: "By moving helicopters from Russia to Syria." Then continued, "She (Clinton) is confident about the helicopters that are in the way. We are not talking about helicopters Soviet or Russian origin, which were used regime against its own people. "

June 15. Local governments of Argyll in Scotland banned nine-year schoolgirl blog, in which she laid out the photos of school lunches. Blog attracted too much attention to the issue of children's nutrition in schools of the United Kingdom.

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