Their customs. Issue number 19. (16 — 23 June)

June 17. In Slovakia, the 51-year-old policeman shot a gun large gypsy family. Three were killed and two were wounded.

June 17. In New York, there was a demonstration, the participants of which were against the so-called policy "Stop and search" (Stop and frisk), which holds the city police. According to the organizers, the police stopped searching for too many members of racial and ethnic minorities, particularly black and Hispanic Americans. According to figures cited by The New York Times, these groups owned 87% of the nearly 700,000 people who stopped by city police in 2011.

June 18. In the pool of your own home is found dead 47-year-old black man Rodney King, brutally beaten by police officers to sue the United States and including 4 million. As the www.newsru.comKing rose to prominence in 1991 after he became the cause of the riots in Los Angeles. It all started with the fact that four white police stopped King on the road for speeding (Negro tried to escape from custody order, being drunk behind the wheel and besides being on parole for robbery). The detainee was severely beaten, causing more than 50 blows with batons. As a result, King received 11 skull fractures and other injuries.

Sadistic policemen were tried, but despite the evidence of evidence — a video beating — was acquitted, after which the city riots broke out. In clashes between whites and blacks killed 55 people, more than two thousand were injured. The city was damaged, valued at one billion dollars.

June 19. In Britain, convicted four girls from respectable area of London that after the consumption of vodka and cocaine a few hours hostage tortured — beaten, put out cigarette butts on the skin, doused with acid. Photos from the tortures were laid in Facebook online.

June 21. In the United States, Pennsylvania, 68-year-old judge football coach who raped 15 years boys in university locker rooms and showers. The university rector's office knew about the rape, but hid it for 10 years. (Read on pandemic pedophilia)

June 22. Swedish professor snapped his wife, his lower lip and ate, so she could not marry for anyone else.

June 22. U.S. Senate abolished subsidies to farmers to 24 billion dollars (Read on number of cattle in the U.S. fell to a minimum of sixty)

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