Their customs. Issue number 2 (15 — 31 January)

January 17. In the U.S., killing an Iranian student, human rights activist, to defend the civil rights of women.

January 18. On the Atlantic coast of Massachusetts emissions of more than 60 dolphins. This is not the first case of mass suicide of dolphins in the United States. Scientists can not explain what drives these flying mammals to death.

January 23. U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was badly wounded in the head in January 2011, will leave the United States Congress in the coming days. The woman received a gunshot wound to the head Jan. 8, 2011 in Arizona, when the American-maniac opened fire, which killed six people and injured 13.

January 24. U.S. Marine Sergeant Frank Vuterich, killed in 2005, 24 Iraqi civilians (including a mother and child) received from the court three months in prison.

January 24. 28-year-old doctor of veterinary clinics in Pennsylvania was arrested for horse raped on camera.

January 25. American teenagers filmed on video, 2 policemen as riddled with pistols visitor cafe.

January 26. The American, who was in prison from 13 to 29 years on false charges and promised to pay compensation.

January 27. 71-year-old congressman from Massachusetts Barney Frank, who in November announced his intention to retire policy, admitted that he is going to enter into a valid marriage with his chosen 42 year old Jim Reedy.

January 28. In Kentucky, a cargo ship carrying parts for space rockets crashed into a highway bridge support. The ship and the bridge were seriously damaged. No human casualties.

January 30. Daily Telegraph journalists found out that many things thrifty wife Michelle Obama, the U.S. president is not going to save money on underwear. Since her last visit to the lingerie boutique shopping at over $ 50 million dollars.

January 30. State Police have arrested 400 Oakland protesters "Occupy Wall Street". This is the most massive detention since the beginning of the action, which began on September 17, 2011.

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