Their customs. Issue number 20. (June 23 — 30)

June 23. Gay activists of the United States during his visit to the White House were photographed against the backdrop of portraits of presidents

June 23. The Court of Virginia has sentenced 33-year-old Jesse Curtis Morton to 12 years in prison for publishing online threats against the creators of the animated series "South Park," reports Morton promised multipliers "to visit" after the airing of the series in which the Prophet Muhammad appeared in a bear suit.

June 26. In the park of the American Portland found two lesbians shot in the head.

June 26. Leading the Polish Radio Eska Rock Cuba Voevudsky and Michal Figursky, upset because of the defeat of the Swedish national football team Ukrainians have decided to make the air what they think about the past. In particular, one of the DJ's said that after the victory of Ukrainians he "behaved like a true Pole: thrown out of their homes Ukrainian woman." Another, continuing in the same vein, said he does not pay Ukrainian housekeeper, which he is working. In addition, one of them said "raped a Ukrainian woman working at it, if it had been a little nicer." At that interlocutor replied that he did not know what a kind of "his" Ukrainian, "as she always is on his knees," reports

June 26. In the U.S., there was a collision of two freight trains. One person was killed.

June 26. Authorities in North Las Vegas in Nevada have introduced a state of emergency because of the devastation. This decision will allow the city to suspend the management of labor contracts with unions of civil servants, including police officers. Such a method of solving the financial problems have already tried to resort to the cities of Los Angeles and Stockton in California.

June 27. In the U.S., fires continue to rage. Firefighters are powerless before the elements. Tens of thousands of residents of the states of California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah forced to flee from the fire escape.

June 27. Molotov cocktails and stones met the residents of Belfast to visit Northern Ireland Elizabeth II. Only great force of law enforcement officers managed to save a dear guest for the display in her honor Irish hospitality.

June 27. Employees of the University of Texas showed military interception control unmanned aerial vehicle with the device, the price of which does not exceed one thousand dollars. Apparently, the U.S. military still can not understand how the Iraqi guerrillas with a satellite dish and bought on the internet software intercepted video of U.S. drone and Iran landed at its airport newest secret reconnaissance UAV RQ-170 Sentinel.

June 28. NATO continues to mock tribunal under international law. Vice-president of Serbia Vojislav Seselj sentenced two years in prison for refusing to remove from its website data about people testified against him on trumped-up case occupiers. In the dungeons of the NATO Vojislav held for 9 years.

June 29. The U.S. Supreme Court recognized the right of Americans to lie about military awards.

June 30. U.S. energy grids again showed their vulnerability. As a result of the hurricane on the east coast, including in the capital remained without electricity for more than two million people.

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