Their customs. Issue number 3 (February 1-15)

February 3. The U.S. administration has increased the list of suspects in connection with the terrorists to 21 thousand Everyone entered into the black list of forbidden to board airplanes.

February 3. In Sweden, were arrested for the brutal murder of opposite-sex maniacs fell in love and start a family. Now she is a vampire and her lover, cannibal live together in the same cell psychiatric hospital special treatment.

February 5. Sundy Times of London magazine has estimated that the food and drinks for President Nicolas Sarkozy, France's budget cost of 15 thousand euros daily.

February 7. In England, gay, who became a sperm donor for a lesbian couple sued, demanding joint custody of the child.

February 7. Italian prosecutors asked the court to sentence the captain of the cruise ship Costa Concordia, Francesco Schettino to 2,697 years in prison. 15 years for causing death by negligence, 10 years after the wreck, and eight years for each injured passenger, including the dead and missing.

February 8. Introduced in California with Arnold Schwarzenegger ban on same-sex marriages U.S. federal appeals court ruled unconstitutional.

February 10. Florida neutralized offender who was held hostage in a trailer and managed to shoot a woman with children.

February 10. The U.S. state of Tennessee Police arrested a man who killed a spouse for what they removed his daughter from friends on Facebook.

February 10. Pentagon spokesman Jonathan Woodson said the armed forces of the United States annually spend $ 1.1 billion on treatment of military personnel suffering from obesity.

February 13. In the Greek capital in chaos. Burns over 40 buildings, and the number of fires increases. There are reports of 150 shops looted. Rioters were divided into small groups and organize clashes with the police in all districts of Athens.

February 13. Polish police led evidence that the country's frost killed 99 people.

February 15. Timothy Good former consultant of the U.S. Congress and the Pentagon said in an interview to BBC2, which U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower met with aliens on U.S. military bases and mentally communicate with the aliens.

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