Their customs. Issue number 4 (15-29 Feb)

February 16. As part of the program for the protection of U.S. troops in combat, the Pentagon will get the next super-weapon — blue boxes to kill flies.

February 17. Airport workers Frankfurt am Main (Germany's largest) went on strike. Canceled more than 500 flights.

February 19. In Spain are the biggest strike since 1988. More than a million people took to the streets to protest against the Government's labor reform.

February 22. The carnage in the state of Georgia. The offender shot at the spa, four people, and then killed himself.

February 22. Feminists have made France the law exceptions to the use of the words: mademoiselle (Reference to a single woman as a "degrading, sexist and discriminatory") — is replaced by a neutral madam, and maiden name (For the "archaic" and "navevanie thoughts loss of virginity") — changed to "name given at birth"

February 23. In the United States, performing a training flight in the air two helicopters collided. Seven Marines aboard the helicopter were killed.

February 28. Marine (with photos) laid out the network Facebook photo (with a Marine), which is 12 hours commented on more than 650 Marines polzovaetely

February 29. Died of his wounds three teens from the Cleveland schools. On Monday, February 27 there was a tragedy. Gunmen entered the school cafeteria and opened fire on the children, wounding five people. The gunman was detained, the motives of the crime is not reported.

February 29. The tornado struck the U.S. city of Harrisburg. 10 people were killed and over 100 injured, destroyed more than 300 homes.

February 29. In the state of Carolina Sevren killed 43-year-old man. While at a party, an American accidentally drank gasoline, mistaking him for a drink. But the man did not die from poisoning and burns. Spitting petrol currently on the shirt, miserable soon decided to smoke …


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