Their customs. Issue number 5 (March 1-15)

In London, judged gang of eight teenagers, who for months had been tortured and raped 11-year-old girl.

Eighth in a row an American State — Maryland — has legalized same-sex marriage.

Foyer Latvian Television (LTV) to decorate the new panels, which posted pictures of staff, forming the shape of the Nazi swastika.

In the U.S. state of Texas killed one and wounded three, as a result of fire, arranged by the accused during a criminal trial.

In the U.S. Boston (Mass.) exploded transformer substation. Hundreds of police sent to the streets of the city is without power to prevent looting.

In the south of Poland faced two passenger trains that killed 15 people and injured about 60.

The Latvian Foreign Ministry banned the entry of two Russian historians for organizing the exhibition "hijacked childhood", which tells about the fate of Soviet children deported to the territory of Latvia in 1943-1944.

Department of State will not break the billion-dollar military contract with Russia despite the objections of the Senate, as it may harm the interests of America.

"Nerd" from Washington, Alexander Song was going to make a massacre in the city to get on TV, but was arrested by the police in time.

American engineers over $ 120 million have developed a new type of beam weapons (Active Denial System) to disperse the rallies, which causes severe pain in humans, but it does no harm. Previous models of weapons used in Iraq — what came of it.

PepsiCo and Coca-Cola forced to change the formulation of beverages and eliminate the use of a dye 4-metilimizadola. Otherwise the bottles will have to place a warning about the risk of cancer in the use of content.

A resident of the United States, which is the same one out of five, entered a mental hospital in the city of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), and began to shoot two guns anyone who catches your eye. The bullets hit seven people, one died.

In the U.S., former spouse forgot year-old daughter in a restaurant. About the missing child's parents learned of the evening news.

In Florida's Episcopal School Spanish teacher who was fired from a rifle killed the director of the employer, and then shot himself.

In British prisons castration of pedophiles around 100

Four porn actress participate in municipal elections in Italy

French President Sarkozy justified to the electorate that he did not take the 50 million euro in the late Gaddafi on the campaign trail

U.S. Republican Senator John McCain has publicly appealed to launch air strikes against Syria.

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