Their customs. Issue number 6 (March 15 — March 22)

March 15. Just two bloody massacre occurred in the U.S. Government in one day. # 1 suspect in a crime with his family was on the court. At trial, the defendant pulled out a gun and opened fire at random, resulting in one death and three others were injured. # 2 A resident of the Columbus (Ohio) armed with three knives attacked the clerk of a government building. Wounding four people, the offender ran into the street where he was shot dead by police.

March 15. In Norway, crashed military transport aircraft Hercules C-130 with five Norwegians on board.

March 16. 500 German police raided the club bikers acting in one of the bunkers from the Second World War. In the underground rooms police discovered a huge cannabis plantation, which was grown four Asians.

March 16. The traditional procession of the Nazis Riga celebrates the memory of veterans of the Latvian legion Waffen SS,

March 16. The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Robert Mueller announced to Congress an interesting statistic. According to his information in the United States there are about 33 thousand street gangs a total of 1.4 million people. Over the past three years the number of gang members has increased by 400 thousand people! Also gradually expanding list of articles made crimes — from the banal: robberies, drug sales, prostitution, etc. gangs are moving in the "creative" criminal areas: securities fraud, bank fraud, credit card fraud, etc. In general, formed a serious rival smart dealers on Wall Street.

March 17. Jailed for 14-year term of former governor of the U.S. state of Illinois Rod Blagojevich. Which in 2008 was accused of selling seats in the Senate of the U.S. Congress

March 18. Police arrested actor George Clooney and his elderly father for their work within the organization Satellite Sentinel Project, which is investigating war crimes in Sudan. Earlier Clooney, returning from Sudan, made a statement to Congress, according to which the border of the newly formed states of Sudan develops humanitarian disaster, the local population is saved from permanent aviabombardirovok in caves Nuba Mountains, and it's happening at the inactivity of responsible organizations in the conflict zone.

March 19. Crackdown of protesters "Occupy Wall Street" NYPD. From the actions of forces loyal to the regime Obama has suffered dozens of people. Many opponents of the regime were arrested.

March 19. In the midst of the election campaign in France, a 24 year old young man named Mohammed suddenly decided to take revenge for the death of the French fed Palestinian children. For what killed three soldiers, and finally made a slaughterhouse near a Jewish school in Toulouse, shot the teacher, rabbi and three children. The entire civilized world is in shock rating Sarkozy grew.

March 20. Austrian police detained a 51-year-old man, who from his balcony fire intermittently at passers-by from the AK-47

22 March to 13 years in prison sentenced an American scientist David Stewart Nozett for the transfer of Israeli intelligence data on secret U.S. military programs.

March 22. Toulouse shooter still lost. Now, the truth of it, we can only learn from democratic media.

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