Their customs. Issue number 7 (March 23 — April 1)

March 23. ITAR-TASS reports: on the freeway at rush hour in Washington of the collector car dropped out bags filled with money. Several dozen vehicles immediately blocked the road — motorists rushed to pick up spillage cash. The police made their way with difficulty to the scene, but the asphalt was no longer a cent.

March 25. Chief Financial Officer Conservative Party resigned after being accused journalists in the organization of meetings the Prime Minister in return for substantial fees ($ 400 thousand for the meeting)

March 26. Twenty-two Romanian police arrested in Spain on suspicion of forced sexual exploitation of young girls. According to The Daily Mail prostitution ring operated in the heart of Madrid. His slaves criminals were kept in chains. Girls branded barcodes is constantly humiliated, raped and tortured.

March 27. In the U.S. scandal erupted. Two-thirds of the U.S. population require the authorities to arrest George Zimmerman — Latino police. Police guard accused of killing 17-year-old black man motivated by racial hatred.

March 28. The commander of an aircraft that flies New York — Las Vegas fell into raving madness during the flight. Passengers stranded distraught pilot testified that the accident ran through the cabin shouting: "Iraq! "Al-Qaeda"! Terrorism! We are falling! Pray! "

March 28. A resident of the town in the south of Austria Miterlabill sawed off his leg to be recognized as disabled and receive unemployment benefits. Medical examination of labor inspection, however, declared fit for the Austrian labor. Unemployment benefits will not get disabled.

March 28. In New York schools forbidden to speak the word "birthday", "divorce", "wealth", and 50 more politically incorrect words

March 29. U.S. court ordered Iran to pay 44.6 million for the 1983 bombing in Beirut that killed 241 U.S. soldiers.

March 30. In Italy, two people have committed self-immolation because of financial problems.

March 31. Four residents of the U.S. state of Wisconsin without a license, was shot dead on a bet of at least 100 deer, reports Fox News.

News from March 14, which was not included in the previous release, but deserves, in our view, special attention:

Pope Benedict XVI ordered a personal perfume. On the creation of an Italian fragrance perfumer Silvana Casoli, who previously created a perfume for big-name clients such as singer Madonna, singer Sting and King Juan Carlos of Spain. Perfume has refused to disclose the composition of the "papal" of spirits, saying only that will be present in the flavor notes of lime tree, verbena and some herbs. Perfume notes that the pope will become the owner of a truly unique fragrance.

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