Their customs. Issue number 8 (1 — April 7)

April 1. The U.S. company Mattel — maker of the popular Barbie dolls declared under the pressure of women who have lost their hair from chemotherapy, to issue a new series of bald dolls.

April 2. In Brussels, for holding a protest outside the headquarters of NATO detained about 500 peace activists.

April 3. The main fighter against corruption in Kosovo — Nazmi Mustafi — was arrested on suspicion of corruption.

April 3. Another bloodbath in the U.S.. At this time in Oakland, California. 43-year-old man of Asian descent made a fire in the university. Seven people were killed and three wounded. The offender was angry at what has not been able to find an administrator institution.

April 3. In the United States was the largest raid on immigrants. During one raid Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested 3168 people.

April 4. In France, are rounding up suspected Muslim-Islamic extremists. More than twenty people were detained. Thirteen have been charged with terrorism.

April 4. Friendships Australia and the U.S. have decided to reinforce the recent discovery of the continent's first military base. 2.5 thousand U.S. Marines have landed on the Australian mainland.

April 5. 77-year-old Greek pensioner shot himself outside the parliament building in front of dozens of bystanders because of the financial difficulties that followed the decline in pension.

April 5. In the U.S., long prison sentences (38 to 65 years old) was sentenced five policemen for the shooting of unarmed Americans in New Orleans at the time of the incident there is mass looting after Hurricane "Katrina".

April 6. "Georgia-News" reported that Georgia's external debt as at 31 December 2011 amounted to $ 11.2 billion, up 1.3 billion more than it was a year ago. However, there is good news, for example, on April 6 in Tbilisi, at 20.00 local time, opened the first official store in Georgia ZARA. We congratulate the neighbors with this event.

April 6. In the U.S., sold for 900,000 dollars sold to a ghost town in Wyoming. The buyers were two Vietnamese nationals.

April 6. In the United States for ten life sentences convicted Mexican drug cartel boss "Juarez" Antonio Hernandez, confessed to the killings nearly two thousand people.

April 6. PE on the French nuclear power plants, "Penley". After occurrence of fires in automatic mode, the reactor was shut down of the second power plant. In the process of cooling the reactor primary circuit has leaked radioactive water.

April 6. Fourth-generation fighter F-16 crashed into residential buildings in the city Virginia Beach (Virginia). Both pilots ejected successfully. Reported several civilians injured.

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