Their customs. Issue number 9 (7 — 14 April)

April 7. In Brussels, friends driver of the car that collides with a bus, killing blow to the head inspector of registration of an accident. In protest against the attack on the workers stopped working all public transport in the Belgian capital.

April 8. The massacre in the United States. In Oklahoma, racist vigilante pistol shots killed three and wounded two blacks.

April 8. With black label "racist", the American magazine National Review fired his columnist for the article in third-party publications (Taki's Magazine), which specifically states that white teenagers should avoid companies blacks in the event that they do not know everyone personally, that the level of intelligence in blacks on average much lower than that of whites, that it should not go into areas populated mainly by black, or settle in cities and regions, which are operated blacks policy.

April 9. The U.S. Senate is going to check expenses of the Office of Services (service material support federal institutions), which was in the center of the scandal made public because of the finding that a four-day conference in Las Vegas in October 2010, the agency has spent about 823 thousand dollars, 75,000 dollars went to pay for lessons on the development of team spirit officials (team building).

April 10. In Britain, convicted gang Estonians, who for seven years of existence, robbed of more than 100 jewelry stores across Europe.

April 11. The deputies of the parliamentary party "True Finns" to make life easier for the police offered a mark of foreigners with different armbands identifying marks: the Muslim crescent, Russian for "hammer and month." (No reports on bandages for Jews)

April 11. In Massachusetts, arrested 32 people, aged from 17 to 62 years for possession and distribution of child pornography.

April 11. In Morocco crashed American tiltrotor V-22 Osprey. Reported two dead and two injured foot soldiers.

April 12. U.S. authorities have threatened to close the cleaning company, in which three girls perform duties naked, for refusing to pay tax at the rate of sexual $ 650 a year and a deposit in the amount of $ 5,000 (in case of violation of the rules imposed by the authorities).

April 13. The brand "Bin Laden" its worked, and lists of the most dangerous criminals wanted by the United States needs to be updated. Terrorist number one, who attributed the murder of three thousand people for their help in tracking down which promised $ 25 million in the first place was replaced by a list of Eric, Justin, 30-year-old teacher for the creation and possession of child pornography.

April 14. Of Columbia sent 12 agents of the American secret service, ensuring safety of President Obama's "Summit of the Americas" for fornication with prostitutes.


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