Thousands of Australians were evacuated due to floods

Thousands of Australians were evacuated due to floods Natural Disasters

After weeks of heavy rains in Australia in New South Wales spilled 16 rivers, floods also threatened the states of Queensland and Victoria. The most affected region of the two pools Murray and Darling rivers in New South Wales and Victoria. Cities located downstream are considered most vulnerable to flooding.

Photo: view from the sky over the city Wagga Wagga, New South Wales.

As a result of river flooding in New South Wales, the most populous state, territory the size of France is under water, or in danger of being flooded. Serious damage has been done not only to farmers and residents whose homes have been affected, but also small businesses.

Under the special control of the city is Wagga Wagga, located at 475 kilometers west of Sydney. Cities with 50,000 population, is an important agricultural, military, and transportation center. Extensive flooding may reach a record for the last 150 years scale. Around 9,000 residents living in the city center have been evacuated because of fears that the city's levees not stand the flood Mirrambidzhi. Residents of the city are trying to protect their property from damage by sand bags, but more than 250 homes in the north of Wagga Wagga already flooded. Despite the fact that the water level began to decrease, authorities ask people to take the time to leave the evacuation centers, as the situation can change dramatically.

The total number of people evacuated in New South Wales, more than 13 thousand. Rescue Service encourages residents to heed evacuation requests because emergency will continue for several weeks. Most villagers could suffer because the government may not have enough money to help them. The first road to be restored, which according to preliminary calculations should take about 335 million pounds.

Queensland is also threatened by serious flooding. More than 200 millimeters of rain fell in a day in some parts of the state this week. 82-year-old man was killed in 175 kilometers from Brisbane, where his car was covered by flood waters.

It is believed that heavy rains caused by the phenomenon of La Nina, in which the surface temperature of the sea in the east central part of the Pacific Ocean below normal by 3-5 degrees Celsius. In New South Wales La Nina brought the ninth wettest and sixth coolest summer in history.

Picture story

  1. Flooded areas of Wagga Wagga. Thousands of residents were evacuated in New South Wales during the March 2012 floods.

  2. People in Wagga Wagga fill sandbags to protect their homes from serious damage.

  3. Volunteers in the top center of the evacuation in Wagga Wagga fill sandbags.

  4. Rescue team in Wagga Wagga.

  5. Popped up in a taxi on a flooded street in Wagga Wagga.

  6. Flooded road in Wagga Wagga.

  7. The level of flood waters of the river Mirrambidzhi in Wagga Wagga.

  8. Thousands of spiders weave new webs after flooding forced them to move to the more elevated areas in Wagga Wagga.

  9. Flooded streets Gundagay, New South Wales.

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