To get to the center of the Earth


In the summer of 2006 traveled around the world to a number of news agencies, as if American researchers are going to organize an expedition to the North Pole to … penetrate deep into the Earth, proving that it is hollow.

A curious person, who decided to find out what is in the center of the Earth, very surprised to learn that academic science has only versions of the structure of the Earth, which is taught in school, but do not know anything for sure.

Some pundits even opt for the version of the hollow Earth and the real existence of the underground of the inhabited world. Tell how things actually agreed to a famous traveler, geologist and head of the expedition "Russian biogenic" Alexander B. Horowitz.

DS: Alexander, so what is under our feet?

AG: As surprising as it may sound, it is for certain answer to this question can not anybody from living people. Reveal the true picture of the structure of our planet — the task is very important, but no less difficult. It is important because it will allow scientists to reveal the laws of natural phenomena occurring in the depths of the earth. In turn, the knowledge of these laws will allow to predict the natural disaster, because as tornadoes, earthquakes and tsunamis — it's just a deep echo phenomena of the Earth. And for the past 25 years, these phenomena in one form or another touched a good half of the inhabitants of the globe.

The death toll from natural and technological disasters is increasing annually by 4.5%, the victims — by 8.5%, and the economic losses are increased by 11%. Difficulty of predicting catastrophes is that all attempts to penetrate deep into the earth by mining ceased at a depth of 3 km. Future path blocked mountain Shots: ore gas emissions and fireballs. As for deep drilling, the record was only 12.2 km, despite the fact that prior to the expected center of the Earth was still as much as 6300 km.

DS: So what's stopping drill a hole straight to the center of the earth and see what's there?

AG: It's amazing, but the structure of the cosmos we know much more than what is under our feet. Although attempts to penetrate the Earth's mantle and taken more than once. The first two super-deep wells have been drilled in the state of Louisiana in North America. Fearing a possible emergency situations, the project leaders well equipped meter diameter casing, leaving a depth of 1 km, with three powerful automatic safety stops.

Near the drill is a special betonszavod that in case of failure to rapid-handed solution casing. To a depth of 9 km borehole drilling was as usual. But here's the deeper began to show signs of internal pressure and drilling mud "zagazil" hydrogen sulfide. Drillers, immediately began to joke that doburili to hell.

And then, as if to confirm their words with a depth of 9.6 km from the well felled molten sulfur, and sinker began to lose consciousness. Fortunately triggered automatic protection. Emergency gates were closed. A concrete plant will supply spetsrastvora into the casing — the well could drown.

DS: But this is the West, and our scientists were trying to "get to hell?"

AG: Since all these experiments were in the last century, then, of course, the Soviet Union could not answer the call and just tried to drill several ultra-deep wells, but also domestic drillers suffered the same sad fate. During the drilling of the well, "Brown trout-9" on the Pechora River in the Arkhangelsk region in spite of the favorable prognosis of geophysicists from a depth of 7 km from the wellhead suddenly struck a strong flow of gas, oil and mud. So much so that the drill just "flew" in the area of abnormally high reservoir pressure. Pipe from the rig flew like pasta from the pan.

Immediately hit the torch height of 150 meters. Come closer than a kilometer was not possible even in overalls fireman. They tried to extinguish the torch tanks, failed. He buzzed like a jet engine. In the end, it was extinguished only with the help of underground nuclear explosions. To do so inclined hole drilled in the side of the trunk of an emergency.

Summed up the nuclear bomb on it at a depth of 1.5 um blown up. Formed underground chamber, and the zone of lateral pressure cut off the barrel "Kumzhi." When the torch of emergency mine slept on the spot drill towered 76 meters high cliff. It is a steel skeleton tower froze and turned into a pottery clay mud, as after a year firing. It is a pity that it was then demolished.

DS: It is strange that in this case there were no sulfur. Do 7-8 kilometers deeper dive deep into the earth no one has?

AG: Well, why not? The most instructive for geologists, geophysicists, and even biologists was the example of super-deep well on the so-called GHS-3, located on the Kola Peninsula near the village of Nickel. This mine was not installed until now surpassed the world record of drilling to a depth of 12.3 km. Work on the site selection for the GHS-3 conducted a special institute of geophysics with a total staff of 5,000 people, and the most mine in the Soviet years were employed 520 people, today there are only about 50. After the "prosvetki" plot area of 3 square meters. km on the calculated depth of drilling -30 km omitted the first drill.

According to preliminary data, the sinker had to raise to the surface of the samples or cores consisting of mineral basalt, and the deeper, the more the sample is supposed to be — the core. Given the weather conditions over the Arctic drilling tower built in the form of a closed cover up the bell tower of 102 meters all work areas were automated drilling and mechanized in the best possible way, and among all units had a telephone and radio communications. "Bell" is controlled by the microphones.

To 7 km drilling proceeded normally. The only "but" was to increase the temperature of deep penetration. The surprises began at a depth of 7.5 km. The temperature in the mine, where the drill is directly in contact with basalt, adults up to 100 degrees, and the density of the samples raised to the surface, decreased by 20%. That's definitely talked about approaching the voids. In the course of the analysis of the sample geochemists have found out the various gases {hydrogen, helium) and biologists — the unknown bacteria. Because the bacteria were dead, they were called aerofobnye, ie fear conditioning. Tried to get new samples of bacteria, but suddenly the drill jammed tightly. Immediately proceeded to the sinking of the second shaft. And at a depth of 8 km is the temperature rose to 120 degrees.

Core samples were porous, the number of bacteria increased and — again accident. However, to stop drilling, no one wanted, because it was the prestige of the state. Conventional steel pipe was replaced by new constructed of high strength steel drill made of molybdenum, diamond grains replaced by artificial material Borazon which diamond is superior fire resistance, strength and hardness. Finally the seventh borehole reached a depth of 12,240 meters. Then the inexplicable happened.

At night, when there were only about drill duty engineer, mechanic and electrician, drill again jammed, the machine stopped and suddenly broke the silence of the created a strange noise from the well. Something very quickly taken up the trunk from the depths of the earth to the surface. Suddenly there was a light cotton and from the casing slipped something … Each of the three witnesses to the event saw something different: a shadow, a cat and a leg / smell mouse. In this strange creature loudly swore, climbed to the top of the spiral drill, "bell", and then, plan to back down, slipped into the well.

DS: It looks like a sci-fi anecdote. Maybe people just something dreamed due to overwork?

AG: Of course, we can all be attributed to human hallucinations, but the microphones recorded the event from start to finish. The event was so extraordinary that it was reported on the radio "Mayak" and the newspaper "Trud" there was a small note describing the incident. And mind you, all this happened in the eighties in a materialistic USSR. By the way today sounds of hell from the well can be heard in a special, though, the English-language website.

DS: And what happened next?

AG: Sorry … nothing. All the information went to the archives of the unknown, the brigade was disbanded drifters, and all records sent to goskhran. Prior to 1992 GHS-3 still trying to keep drilling, but pass on 12262 failed.

DS: So what's the main problem lies all researchers depths of Earth? Why are time after time they stumble upon an insurmountable difficulty in understanding the Earth's interior?

AG: Drifters in all cases of deep drilling acted competently and professionally. Error lay in the original controversial hypothesis about the structure of the Earth. Currently, a scientific tool to study the structure of the Earth began only in the early XX century with the emergence and development of the science of seismology and the invention of the seismograph that could be recorded on a paper tape, or fluctuations in the Earth surface waves that propagate in an elastic medium, ie, in the rocks, stones, sand.

But the American scholar GF Reed, who was one of the first to use a seismograph to record the vibrations of the earth's surface of artificial earthquakes, saw that with the increase in the depth of the earth's rocks velocity of elastic waves, the waves increases. At the same time, another American scholar X. Richard conducted tests on the speed of propagation of these waves on rock samples on the limestone on granite, basalt on. It has turned out that the velocity of the larger, weighs more than one cubic centimeter of the sample. That is, in the basalt velocity of elastic waves in a 2-fold greater than in the limestone. By combining the results of observations and experiments, the two scientists husband came to the conclusion that the surface of the earth lie light rock and heavy in the back.

DS: It looks logical.

AG: Yes, such a scientific interpretation of the structure of the upper layers of the Earth loved geology, mineralogy and petrography. And the fact that the rock samples were delivered to the laboratory Reid of mines a depth of 300 meters, no one does not cause problems because the deeper one of them and did not look.

DS: Is it in the early XX century, a period of rapid technology advances, there were no scientists who can challenge the approval of the Americans?

Such scholars, of course, they were. One of them is the world-renowned academician Vladimir hoop. He developed the theory of a hollow earth. But by this time the concept of Reid-Reid was so generally accepted orthodox science of geology that Obruchev was able to convey his discovery to the people only for his novel "Plutonium" is very popular in the Soviet era in the Soviet Union. The theory, as reflected in the novel, was a theory that the Earth is not a homogeneous body and a hollow sphere within which floats in zero gravity dwarf — a little sun, the density of which is hundreds of thousands of times greater than the weight of basalt.

DS: But it's fantastic! Everyone knows that the Earth's core is composed of iron and nickel, which create a magnetic field around the Earth.

AG, this fact today is taught in high school, but in the universities, professors say they still occur in the nucleus and nuclear reactions, which in theory should destroy the magnetic field. In this model, the Earth is represented as the cooling and calming the ball and periodically occurring volcanic eruptions and earthquakes is the last convulsions of the planet.

DS: So Obruchev wrong?

AG: On the contrary. He was close to solving the mystery of the earth's core, like no other. Hypothesis Obrucheva categorically confirms new science — etherodynamics. Before him, in the late XVII century talked about this Edmond Halley, after whom the comet is named, frightening the population of the Earth every 76 years. He argued that our planet is a three nested one inside the other areas that are likely to be populated. The same version was held by the famous Leonard Euler, who, solving the equations of celestial mechanics, calculated that the Earth — is hollow.

DS: So after all, what version you consider the most interesting?

AG: Prior to receiving the results of empirically proven to talk about something is definitely not. But on the other hand, it is now clear that the current fundamental theories raise more questions than answers. The most attractive is probably looks theory German physicist and geologist Peter Paul for many years tried to create a unified theory of the origin and evolution of the Earth. He rejects as theories based on a comparison of the rate of passage of seismic waves into the ground, and the assumption of nuclear fusion, held in the center of the Earth, as the lava has not increased radioactivity.

The scientist said that initially there was a certain energy-information sphere, around which form first frame on which subsequently occurred synthesis of matter, there was magma, and the planet has found a body. And then everything went according to the principle of the growth rings of a tree, or a multilayer cake. First, a atmosphere and the earth's crust, separated by voids. What follows is the gown for her outside, then again the crust where we live, and again the atmosphere. The most entertaining is that on the inner layers may well be there is: mountains, rivers, forests, mineral deposits. And also the layers themselves may be several.

So the legend of gnomes who went under the earth of entire civilizations may well be, according to the scientist, a reality. By the way, his version is very well-stringing on a variety of theories of the structure of the Earth both Western and domestic. Paul even offered ideal locations for drilling into the inner layers of the Earth, they are, in his opinion, are in the area … North Pole, where the edges of the pole layer of magma is very small, but on himself, according to the scientist, not at all!

DS: I would like to have the last word was the same for all our scientists. What are inclined domestic luminaries of science?

AG: In Russia, as I said, has developed an entire school of combined model of the structure of the Earth — ETHERODYNAMICS. According to this theory, which combines all the scientific facts of the earlier scientific models of the structure of the Earth, our planet is in a constant energy-sharing with the universe. Scientific evidence shows that the Earth from all over the cosmos is flying light from stars that solar power is converted into electrical energy. Along with him to the earth there is a stream of protons or proton gas, which scientists call the — ethereal wind. Further along the faults in the earth's crust through cracks in the lithosphere he enters the womb of the earth, and it … growing!

Her weight according to some reports increased by 500 tons each second. Of course at the expense of increasing the distance between the continents: so it is proved that every year America sails from Europe to see why fans 2 aether-dynamics are convinced that the earth is filled inside the dense ether and hollow. But closer to the surface of the dense ether, a plasma-atomic fragments, which then form plasmosphere, the one-turn minerals, floating in the magma or mantle, and then everything on the classical theory taught in school: are lithospheric plates on which we are and live.

"Interesting newspaper. Unknown World" № March 2013


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