To Tonga approaching tropical cyclone

To Tonga approaching tropical cyclone Natural Disasters

Tropical Cyclone Jasmine keeps former strength, moving in a south-easterly direction along the southern Pacific Ocean. After the hurricane unleashed on the island of Vanuatu, gale force winds, his eye took on a more clean-cut, and increased to 111 km in diameter.

Fig. Tropical cyclone track Jasmine

By the morning of February 10 Jasmine still retained the first category of risk, creating winds of 139 km / h The cyclone was located at 880 km south-south-west of Nadi, on-

Fiji Islands between 25,8 ° S and 173,3 ° E

In the evening on February 11 has reported a weakening of wind speed in a tropical cyclone to 83 km / h, is located about 814 km south-west of the Kingdom of Tonga. As reported by weather service, Jasmine will continue to move along the southern boundary of the subtropics, more closer to Tonga. By February 14 the cyclone may change its direction and headed north-west, which will save the inhabitants of the kingdom of the heavy rains. Once in the warmer waters away from Tonga, Jasmine could again gain traction.

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