Today is cloudy, the war is canceled: on the F-35 can not fly in cloudy weather


According to one of his supporters, the One Strike Fighter F-35, it's "not what our troops need," he is "too expensive", "poorly designed" and "his current problems are too numerous to list."

The F-35 is the main object of a case study of failure of power at all levels — civil, military, federal, state and local level, and even at the level of airport authorities. None critically important state institution does not fulfill its obligation to protect the people it supposedly represents. Senator Patrick Leahy, who wrote the above criticisms aside F-35, is hardly alone in illustrating what is a failure on the part of the authorities.

F-35 is capable of itself of carrying nuclear warheads weapons of mass destruction, which was to become "the fighter of the future" in 2001 when it was approved. Now, more than ten years of delays and budget growth of more than 100 per cent for the period of his life, the aircraft is expected to cost $ 1.5 trillion, $ 400 billion of which has already been spent.

In January, production company Lockheed Martin, in Fort Worth, Texas, cheerfully reported that "ends the mount wings hundredth F-35 or collected in Bethesda, Maryland. From the data collected ninety-nine until none are yet operational.

The F-35 has not even come close to a full functioning — it can only fly in the sun. He can not fly at night. Can not fly in cloudy weather or thunderstorms. And we know it's from a report written by the Minister of Defence of the director of operational test and evaluation, J. Michael Gilmore February 15, 2013.

Summary of the report Gilmour of what the "current limitations» F-35 at the moment:

— Aircraft operating limitations do not allow the machine to fly at night or in the "instrument" of weather conditions, so drivers should avoid the cloud and other bad weather. These restrictions are to be as the tests have been completed for certification flight at night and on instruments.

— The aircraft is currently also banned from flying in the narrow bands to perform aerobatic figures, spending stall on the wing, but all of the above are supposed to be included in the study phase of the transition training.

— The F-35 is not yet in a position to carry out training in these phases, nor does it have any combat capabilities because its system is still in its infancy.

— Also, almost anything can be learned in the course of evaluation practices such immature system

— Radar mounted in the pilot's helmet display and control interfaces of radio and navigation functions cab be improved.

The report also notes that the ejection system is not yet a reliable, especially if the pilot would have to bail out over the water.

Thus, a $ 400 billion (and the cost is increasing) U.S. bought "immature system" — combat fighter, still unfit for combat missions in which the bo? Lshuyu part of 2013 due to various faults were banned.

The General Accounting Office predicts that the flight test F-35 can be completed in about 2017, and by 2019 it may still not be ready for operational use.

Air Force twice postponed a final decision as to whether the F-35 based at the Burlington International Airport, although its own reports of the Air Force on the Environment warned that the F-35 is four times louder fighters, this time based in Burlington, and that this noise will make at least 1300, and possibly up to 3,000 homes nearby "uninhabitable."

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