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During the ingestion of oral food residue accumulates weight. Under the action of the bacterial flora and saliva are formed dental plaque and tartar deposits occur. Poor oral hygiene contributes to the development of caries and periodontitis.

Dentifrice mankind since ancient times for a variety of devices: from "scrap" (his own finger) to a specially flattened sticks and gold toothpick. But our time has made many innovations in the maintenance of oral hygiene.


  • Currently, there is no dilemma what to choose a brush: artificial Bristle or natural. Of course, artificial: it is more hygienic, durable, you can pick the right degree of stiffness.
  • Most people use the medium brush stiffness (Medium), however sensitive gums can use softer brush.
  • It is important to choose the correct size brush. Her head must cover no more 3-x teeth.
  • Very convenient to the presence on the bristles indicator when part of the bristles are blue, as soon as the dye fades, it must be replaced.

Electric Toothbrushes better to clean the teeth and make the process less complicated and tedious, like brushing your teeth manually. However, their high cost and low reliability are forcing many to opt for a conventional brush.

In addition to traditional brushes, there are special brushes to clean between the teeth, but they are mainly used for periodontitis or wearing braces.

A special group should allocate special devices for polishing teeth. This is a small electric motor powered by AA-batteries, which are put on the axle rubber cones that allows a special paste to clean and polish the front surface of the teeth of the reach of the brush. But this device can not be used too often as it spoils the enamel.

Interdental thread

There are a great many in our pharmacies. A very useful addition to the brush. Also a good idea to buyspecial holder to them, which, alas, is a rarity. The filaments are treated to various different forms, smooth, twists, with a thickening in the central portion. They allow you to perfectly clean between teeth and under certain skill, do not injure the gums.

Hydromassage device

Many dentists are his revolutionary invention in hygiene. It works is very simple: a small tank (which is filled with fluid), which is connected to the pump and the tip of it under controlled pressure off pulsating water jet. This jet is really cleans between teeth and massages gums without causing damage. But at the same brush, too, need to use.


For sale is a lot of different toothpastes. The main difference — in quantity and quality abrasive.

Dentists recommend the use of two types of toothpastes alternately with a large and a small amount of abrasive. Ifpasta with a small amount of abrasive bad cleans the teeth, increase number days of using the paste "for white teeth." This will allow you to not erase the enamel and will protect your teeth from being erased in the cervical region (the so-called "wedge-shaped defect").

Of course, children should enjoy "childish mouth", patients with gum sensitivity — as special pastes "for sensitive teeth" and "from gum disease."

A good addition to toothpastes are various elixirs, but they do not replace tooth brushing procedure.

Chewing gum

Chewing gum is considered by many dentists actually not a bad thing. She massages the gums and periodontal moderately loads, improving circulation. But the brush and toothpaste still be enjoyed.

A visit to the doctor

Physician must attend at least one every six months. It is painless and profitable than deal with the problem "wholesale". The doctor must carefully examine the teeth and oral cavity. Remove plaque and plaque. To make recommendations on the selection of brushes anddental paste. If necessary — small carious lesions heal without waiting complications. And assign a new visit in six months.

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