Tornadoes and hail with heavy rains have walked on the Hawaiian Islands

Tornadoes and hail with heavy rains have gone through Hawaii Natural Disasters

Tornado with winds of 100 to 115 kilometers per hour burst roofs and uprooted trees in the city of Kailua and Lanikai on one of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Stormwater flows caused landslides in the east of the island. The same storm that initiated a tornado caused a 45-minute hail the size of a golf ball. According to official figures of victims were found.

In the last week on the island of Oahu has passed some heavy rain. In some places in this period fell about 90 inches of precipitation. On 5 March 2012 the island of Oahu and Kauai are considered areas of high risk. According to the forecasts rain will continue for several days.

Tornado in Hawaii are rare. From 1950 on the islands there were 39 tornado once every 1.5 years. The strongest of them took place in February and March 1982, when three tornadoes force F-2 was one after the other on Oahu. Fortunately, in the history of the Hawaiian Islands is not killed in the tornado.

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