Torrential rains caused flooding and deadly landslides in Indonesia

Torrential rains caused flooding and deadly landslides in Indonesia Natural Disasters

After three days of downpours deadly mudslides inundated about 37 homes in the village of Moze, district Mayo Kampung barium on the island of Nias. Landslides, which promotes relief with steep slopes, traditional in the rainy season, especially in mountainous areas without forests.

Organization for search and rescue of the island of Nias (SAR) received no precise data on the number of victims. There are suggestions that many of the residents were killed in a landslide. According to the Jakarta Post, search and evacuation of bodies was complicated by flooding, blocking the path to the site of a disaster. The only bridge leading to the village was destroyed. Part of the 120-kilometer highway was a local under 30 cm of water.

On Thursday, the landslide fell asleep three houses in the village Tanyuk Mulaku, South Sumatra province. Such landslides caused by heavy precipitation, are a major killer in the country, constantly plagued by monsoon rains and frequent floods.

In 2004, banks were devastated Nias Island claimed the lives of over 300 people from the Indian Ocean tsunami. Because of the serious damage inflicted infrastructure, about 10,000 people were left in the street. As the island suffered in 2005 from the earthquake, which killed more than 1,500 people.

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