Transformation Specialists Clinic participated in the program EGATIN

Its specialists Transformation (Moscow) took part in the next program block by group analysis, organized by the Moscow Society of group analysis, active member EGATIN (European Group-Analytis Training Institutions Network).
Choosing gruppanaliticheskogo approach to group psychotherapy program specialists of the clinic is not accidental and is due in the first place, a unique opportunity to use the best practices of analytical groups in psychotherapy patients with neurotic, borderline and psychotic disorders. In other words, this experience can be successfully used for the treatment of diseases that make up the main specialization of the clinic.
Event Aleksuhin commented Sergey, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, Ph.D.: "Group therapy is one of the most important trends in the clinic Transformation. Our experts are, by tradition, have taken an active part in the last event and we are grateful to the organizers of the program and EGATIN for the unique chance to take part in the program, the effectiveness of which has been demonstrated by leading experts from all over Europe. "

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