Tropical storms and floods in Mexico has claimed more than 40 lives

September 17, 2013. Two tropical storm hit Mexico. "Manuel" dealt a blow to the popular resort of Acapulco in the hotels of the city are stuck 40 thousand tourists. Weakening Hurricane "Ingrid" influenced the work of oil companies in the Gulf of Mexico. Torrential rains caused flooding in the inland areas, victims of floods have killed at least 42 people.

The resorts of Acapulco tropical storm "Manuel" not only banished from the beaches of American tourists, but also caused a gathering of several landslides that actually destroyed several neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city.

"Unfortunately, most of the deaths occurred here in Acapulco because of landslides that buried the house", — told reporters the Guerrero state government representative (which is the resort of Acapulco) Constantino Gonzalez.

Air traffic on the west coast of Mexico interrupted, say U.S. media. On the beaches of the popular resort of stuck around 40 thousand tourists.

Beat "Ingrid"

On the east coast of Mexico hurricane landfall weakening "Ingrid." Brunt of the disaster fell on the coast of the state of Veracruz. The authorities were prepared to beat the elements and organized the evacuation of people from the affected areas.

Total evacuated about 23 thousand people. State monopoly in the field of oil, the company Pemex, announced the suspension of operations in the Gulf of Mexico and the evacuation of workers from several oil platforms.

Mexican authorities take urgent measures to eliminate the consequences of disaster strikes.

"These storms have affected two-thirds of the country," — said the Minister of Internal Affairs of Mexico, Miguel Osorio Chong.

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The streets of cities in Mexico turned into rivers

September 18, 2013. The streets of cities in Mexico turned into rivers. Two-thirds of the country at the mercy of heavy rains, do not stop for three days. Killed at least 55 people. Authorities have called the evil one of the worst in decades.

On Tuesday, chaos reigned in the famous resort town of Acapulco. The local airport is in the water up to his chest, roads flooded, resulting in can not leave the resort 40 000 tourists.

Tourist: "We are — in despair, because we can not go back home and to work. Our time at the end. Let's see how they support us, they said they would look — whether to extend our stay. If not, we will see what to do next. But hopes for a speedy return home, still not. "

It is reported that some of the hotels in flood prolong the stay of tourists for free. At the same time, restrictions on the sale of food in hotels and shops.

In the state of Veracruz, in a landslide, killing 12 people and rescuers are still disassemble the rubble.

Damage in the state of Guerrero, the strongest of all affected by the floods is estimated at 387 million dollars.

Bad weather in the country have brought just two tropical storms — "Ingrid" and "Manuel".

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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