TRS-4D — marine radar for naval ships of Germany

TRS-4D - marine radar for naval ships of Germany
Radar TRC-4D showed his ability during the test, especially for the detection of small-sized goals. TRC new radar-4D Cassidian (EADS unit manufacturer euros aerospace concern, practiced in the design of aircraft, drones, missiles, equipment for reconnaissance and surveillance), created for the ships of the German Navy frigate class F-125 (German frigate, designed for the needs of German Navy, with a displacement of 7200 tons), showed his unique skills of observation and reconnaissance during training trials in the North and Baltic Seas during nskolko weeks.
TRC-4D showed very highest accuracy in target detection of small size, such as UAVs, guided missiles and periscopes. Then the ability of this system were confirmed during the tests at the factory, the newspaper writes ASD News.
First series of tests, which lasted for a year, radar checked all its multifunction capabilities in Bundeswehr Technical Centre № 71 in Surendorfe (Technical Centre for Testing and naval equipment).
According to the plan TRC-4D system must be located on one of the most modern ships class frigate F 125, which received the title of Baden-Wurttemberg in the next year.
Frigate Project F-125 is intended for the German Navy. Kiel frigate was laid November 2, 2011 after a 3-year step design, preparation and 6 months after the start of steel cutting for the first section.

length — 149 m
width — 18 m
maximum speed — over 26 knots
Highest number of crew — 190 people

Transfer to the customer is scheduled for November 2016. Contract for the construction of a series of four F-125 frigates for the German Navy was signed in June 2007 by the Federal Office of Defense Technology and Procurement (BWB) in Germany and the consortium ARGE F-125.
New radar device opens all the advantages of AESA technology (antenna array with electrically scanned) and allows ships, from small patrol boats to frigates and huge size do puzzles of different character, using medium-range radar systems in the open sea. Also in the complex coastal areas with the highest density. By using multiple-independent emitters, the system gives spirited and more than accurate information, in contrast to ordinary radar.
This radar system allows for a wider range of functionalities, for example, protection against asymmetric attacks. Makar is designed that functions can be expanded using the software updates (software). The radar system TRC-4D will be located in all four ships that will have to change the F-122 Bremen.
The introduction of electric controlled rays will provide an opportunity to more accurately track down individual goals than mechanically spinning antenna, where a clearer picture is dependent on the speed of rotation of the antenna array. New frigates will be put into service in the period from 2016 to 2018.
Frigates of the project as provided for national defense, and for a role in international peacekeeping operations, conflict prevention, counter-terrorism, asymmetric threats and support humanitarian operations.
In addition, these ships are able to provide fire support to forces on the coast, support special operations forces operations and evacuation.

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