Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador spews hot stones

Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador spews hot stones Natural Disasters

Tungurahua — stratovolcano with steep walls in the eastern part of the Andes mountain range. Its height is 5023 meters. The volcano is located 15 kilometers away from one of the largest cities in Ecuador, Ambato city. Tungurahua is active since 1999, periodically spewing ash, smoke and lava. If a strong eruption of the lives of 20 thousand inhabitants of nearby villages at risk. In the area of high risk is a tourist town of Banos, whose residents have been evacuated after the eruption once Tungurahua in 1999.

South American Geophysics Institute reported that the increased activity of the volcano recorded November 27, 2011. At the moment the volcano spewing hot rocks with coarse ash. Tungurahua has thrown pyroclastic flows at a distance of 1.5 kilometers from the crater, causing at 4 earthquake. Due to continuous emission formed three-kilometer ash column in the east and south-east of the crater. It is reported that the ash began to settle in the cities of Bilbao and Manzano. The seismic activity of the volcano is still high.

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