Turkey is bluffing or hostage in the West?

Turkey is bluffing or hostage in the West?

Addictive uncertainty about the situation in Syria puts far in the opposite position itself not only Syria, in what has been 19 months there is a very real humanitarian tragedy, and the nearest Syrian neighbors. One of these neighbors is Turkey.
Originally Ankara completely and absolutely based on the western position regarding the Syrian country, which is headed by President Bashar Assad. Western position itself as clear is the need of compulsory care Assad to resign, what would be the price for the whole of Syria and the Near East is not turned. And the first step of the Syrian campaign, which is now exhibited only as a civilian war, it seemed that everything goes according to the same scenario as in Libya. By all appearances, the Western coalition had put «inevitable democratic» blow to Syria, and then a motley mass, whose representatives stubbornly call themselves the opposition, had to do with Assad about the fact that the same weight in the past year made with Colonel Gaddafi. But the Western scenario against Syria gave failure. Prerequisite failure can be considered a rigid position, which in this complicated issue took Our homeland and China. If starting a war in Libya Moscow and Beijing, in fact, decided to close my eyes, here with Syria these very eyes, nobody thinks to close even for a moment. It is so called «Friends of Syria» and only expect that our homeland, coupled with China at a time distracted from the Syrian difficulties and allow the creation of start another «bastion of democracy» in the Middle East.
So here at the initial step antiasadovskoy campaign and Turkey decided to go for exactly the western vector. Turkish authorities tried to use every opportunity in order to wreak prick Syria, trying to free the presidency all available forces. Foreign media were publishing that area through Turkey to Syria imported tool for Syrian rebels through Turkey to Syria countryside fall representatives of the Western special services. In addition, often appeared publications devoted to the fact that the Turkish side is specifically provocateur in terms of so-called cross-border conflict, during which Tipo Syrian military shelled the area neighboring countries artillery.

For obvious reasons, Ankara tried to reject all accusations adresok own, continuing to insist that the Syrian issue should be addressed as soon as possible faster and totally not even diplomatic ways. But while Prime Minister Erdogan in the form of severe criticism of the Syrian president, the Syrian problem from month to month and gradually transformed into the problem of Turkish. The fact that almost every day of the Syrian-Turkish border and cross weave thousands of refugees settling in the southeastern provinces of Turkey (Southeast Anatolian region). Today in the Turkish area has about 100 thousand Syrian refugees who have settled already can be called. About 50 thousand Syrians use the Turkish countryside country as a transit zone for movement towards the European Union.

Naturally, the number of refugees towards Turkey and beyond — Western Europe — will fold increase if Syria will begin full-scale war with the open role of foreign countries. Whether to Turkey is «happiness»? The answer is obvious …

Specifically, this fact has led to some sense of the Turkish administration, which all of a sudden decided to go a slightly different method in resolving the Syrian problem.

Namely, in a few days of outright Turkish media have come out with the information that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has decided to use to resolve the Syrian conflict somewhat unexpected for many contacts, and specifically with Iran.

Turkish newspaper «Hurriyet», namely, reported that during a visit to another Organization for Economic Cooperation forum in Baku, Erdogan held a private meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Presumably, at this meeting we could go specifically for help from Iran in terms of impact on Assad. Indirectly, this assumption is supported by the Turkish journalists that after the meeting of Erdogan and Ahmadinejad both sides of the Syrian conflict that went on to declare a truce on the celebration of the sacred to all Muslims prazdnichka Eid al-Adha (Kurban Bairam). When all this first, many wondered who was the founder of this truce, and managed to bring both sides to it. It is possible that the side-Assad assured Iranian diplomats and the side of the «opposition» — Turkish. It seems that there may be, but this fact alone justifies the possibility of peace talks between the Syrian conflict. Another thing is that such negotiations did not profitable, the main ideologist of the Syrian conflict, which are not far inside Syria and Iran did not, and in Turkey …

Realizing that the Turkish initiative, manifested at the meeting between Erdogan and Ahmadinejad hit integrity antiasadovskogo alliance Western «Friends of Syria» decided to rapidly return to Ankara in the «right direction.» Reuters news agency said that the Turkish side has already bought and built a system Tipo «Patriot» along the border with Syria, clumping. Such information bombshell in Syria and in Turkey itself. In Turkish society, a whole series of questions to their authorities in connection with the publication of the Western Information Agency.

Lowering the degree of tension had top political Turkey. «The deaf will hear, so guessed,» — responded to the publication of Reuters Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, highlighting that Ankara does not think about not only the purchase of Patriot, and even more so to expose their «fan» near the border with Syria. The same position confirmed Turkey and Turkish President Abdullah Gul, outlook is far rarely coincides with the position of Erdogan. At this time it coincided, and Gul said that the issue of the war between Turkey and Syria in general is not worth it. At the same time, the Turkish president added that Damascus must not make too hasty action.

Based on the positions expressed by senior political officials in Turkey, it appears that Turkish favorites or all lead by the nose, or Western information sow disinformation. In this case, it is difficult to read, where is the truth, as no other confirmations or denials complexes Patriot deployment on the Turkish-Syrian border there, and believe the Turkish word politicians only too problematic, especially after an incident with a forced landing board Moscow-Damascus and sluggish excuses about this Turkish side.

If we take the side of Ankara, it turns out that the West deliberately pushes Ankara to military conflict. And it would be a good option for the United States: that the Syrian troops stormed the area of ​​Turkey (a NATO member), and the mean time to «protect» a friendly government of «encroachments Assad.» And it is not far away at all adequate to the West so that they understand: Assad would presently inside their own country to understand, and therefore, I am sorry, climb in Turkey — sheer suicide. And if not all of it in the midst of a «democratic brethren» understand what means and pretext to invade more than suitable.

Wake up to this Erdogan himself — not a simple question. In any case, if Ankara want to go on the convergence of views on Syria, for example, Russia or Iran, we can expect that the West will not leave it so. Will the desire of Turkey or not, but it completely can be used as background began operations against the Syrian country, because if the West decides that Assad «attacked» in Turkey, then no decisions of the Security Council can not assist to stop the war. And if so, then the key word now for Turkey itself. If she is ready to meet hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and wreak havoc on the new Middle East, then everything is clear with Erdogan. If Erdogan has the political will, then it’s time to find other ways to solve prepyadstviya.
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