Typhoon landfall on Japan Magny

September 16, 2013. In Japan, more than 320,000 families have had to flee their homes because of the typhoon "Mani", which hit the country on Sunday evening. This is reported by the Japanese media.

As of Monday morning, as a result of rampant disaster three people were missing, 70 injured. No casualties have been reported posts.

Hiroshi Yokoyama, a member of the Japan Meteorological Agency, "We have issued a warning about the dangers of heavy rains in Shiga Prefecture, Kyoto and Fukui. And it is expected that they will grow even more. For these regions it is — an unprecedented amount of rainfall. Please prepare to defend themselves. "

In the north-east of the country temporarily stopped traffic on the lines of high-speed trains. Canceled more than 500 flights.

In Japan, the "Mani" is referred to the Typhoon, but by international standards it is — a tropical storm. He continues to move to the north-east of the country. For the island — this is the 18th storm of the season.

Recall, last weekend on Mexico Hurricane "Ingrid" and tropical storm "Manuel". Killed at least 25 people, mostly — as a result of collapse of soil caused by flood waters.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television


Typhoon in Japan more than 325 thousand families were evacuated in the central part of the country

September 16, 2013. Various wounds received more than 40 residents of the main Japanese island of Honshu, which struck a powerful typhoon 'Man-yi ", ITAR-TASS reported. Authorities carry out the evacuation in some central and south-western parts of the island.

According to local authorities, five people are still missing: they claimed the water flooded rivers or covered with debris of collapsed houses.

Because of the broken wire without power in 16 prefectures of Japan were more than 80 thousand families. More than 325 thousand families have received instructions or recommendations of the authorities to evacuate as typhoon rains accompanying the strongest in decades, caused widespread flooding and rock slides.

Now, "Man-yi" is moving to the north-east at a speed of 40 km / h Wind gusts in the center of the typhoon exceed 40 m / s. It is expected that he will go back into the ocean at about 21:00 local time (16:00 Moscow time).

In Tokyo, canceled more than 500 flights — mostly domestic. The activities of the country's largest airport in Tokyo "Haneda" practically paralyzed. In the central part of Japan stopped traffic in many areas of the country's busiest high-speed rail line "Tokaido."

Source: RT

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