U.S. Army raped

Have looked tearful American documentary "The Invisible War" (on "Culture" somehow got on the discussion, and here found on YouTube). In fact, a powerful research from director Kirby Dick about the epidemic of sexual violence in the U.S. Army. One and a half hours of nasty, sweaty, slobbering and sticky details morpehotinok raped by soldiers' wives and other armed forces Pindostana. Mixed in with the horrific data of official statistics. I did not even know that everything is running well.

About 20 percent of all former female soldiers during the service had been sexually abused. That is one in five! And, to be clear, we are not talking about the so-called sekshual harrasment when leering looked at Madame or accidentally touched her thigh fillet portion. That is about the violence.

80 percent of victims of violence do not report it.

8 percent — that is how much of the total number of rape cases reach the courts.

2 percent — the number of convictions in such cases.

500,000 women were raped during the time that has passed since the military-gender revolution which resulted in women in the United States were allowed to serve on an equal basis with men.

Although the latter figure, according to the authors of the film is unlikely to reflect the real situation. Went on the links ofsayta to review this film look. Here's the New York Times writes that according to the Pentagon in 2011, has been committed 22,800 violent crimes of a sexual nature. Again — not harrasment. That is, for clarity, to 62 a day! Well this is a zvizdets. Straight manic spermotoksikoz. We hazing by a little more than ten thousand crimes, it seems. And about sex scandals in stride so I do not remember. And when he served with did not come across.

Subject sodomy in the U.S. Army, by the way, is not very exposed. Although these cultural trends present there. They even have an icon of an open struggle with rapists-govnomesami — Brian Lewis. He first had the courage to tell him that in the corner squeezed healthy negros. The authorities immediately found his personality disorder and dismissed from the dumplings with blacklisted. With the same diagnosis were dismissed from the army for another 31,000 victims of rape. Well, that is, in the civilian world it only to McDonald's or Burger King to go with the Medical card. And then at half time.

And here, for example, the U.S. Air Force pilot Lt. Col. James Wilkerson on the basis of the Italian Aviano after party otchpokav her guest (without her consent) is almost in the presence of his wife, was fired and received a year in prison. But it fit for His immediate superior, Lieutenant General Craig Franklin, the pilot was released from prison and reinstated in the army. It is clear now that the already not very talkative victim yobarey terrorists will think 300 times more than something to show.

In general, of course informative on cross-link will climb their parochial news sites. There is rumbling scandals every month. Now in Korea, the two Marines on trial. In Texas — five instructors, "ottoptavshih" 13 cadets at the airbase. 31 cadets suffered at the air base in San Antonio.

But they are fashionable guns, toilets on the marches and gender equality.


Have a look at the Pentagon — a fiend

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