U.S. is becoming a country of white minority

The latest statistics show that in the future the United States will become a country of white minority. Last year, more children were born Americans, ethnic minorities than for the white population of the USA. More than 45 per cent of school pupils from Sadikova age to grade 12, are members of national minorities. Experts predict that in five more, and this figure will be more than 50 percent.

States, in which half the population are not white Americans, include the District of Columbia, Hawaii, New Mexico and Texas. By 2020, eight other states can top this list, including Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New Jersey and New York. By 2039 most of the able-bodied population of the USA will come from Latin America.

At the moment, the white population of the U.S. has 197.8 million. It is expected that in 2024 this figure will increase to 200 million. Then, experts predict a gradual reduction of the white population of the USA.


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