U.S. staged a Chernobyl in Iraq


The city of Fallujah took first place in the world in the number of children with congenital cancer. Experts believe that the reason — in the use of U.S. weapons of mass destruction in 2003-2004, writes about this today portal Lifenews.

ReporterStringerskogo International Bureau of Investigationvisited the city of Fallujah hospital and talked to the doctors. He was told that the surge in illnesses among infants began in 2005. In 15 percent of newborns had pathology of internal organs, leukemia, congenital oncology. "This data is far from complete, as 40% of women give birth at home," — said one of the doctors.

Reporter showed pictures sick infants. "These frames will make any man tremble — endless series of tiny monsters in the mess that can not recognize the no hands, no feet. Little monsters, generated by callousness and brutality of war, "- he writes.

The incidence of cancer in Fallujah since the occupation of Iraq has increased three times and was 96 cases per 100,000 people. In women, breast cancer affects mainly, ovaries, uterus. The men — lung, stomach and bladder.

Most affected infants. Within 11 months of the study registered 291 baby with heart defects, nervous, urinary and digestive systems.

"We believe that this is directly related to the results of the war. Neighboring regions also suffered, but Fallujah currently occupies the leading place sad. By the way disease is highest among residents of the city center — in places where there were fierce fights "- tell the doctor.

Nine years ago, during the war, Fallujah was called "Iraqi Stalingrad." Here, in the Sunni Triangle, was a full-scale war. Americans used against Iraqi aircraft and tanks. In Fallujah, there was not a single building intact, while a quarter of homes were destroyed completely.

"Then there was a hell. Hundreds of people were killed. The fire led by residential neighborhoods. The city was being shelled from all sides — from the ground and air. It was a real massacre. Someone managed to break out of the ring of fire, but most were trapped. The sky flashed whole fountains of light. It looked like we just want to wipe from the face of the earth. My friend during one of the bombings lost his entire family — as if they were burned alive. It was scary, "- said the reporter, local driver, Saadi.

The U.S. military used the UN banned weapons of mass destruction. For example, white phosphorus, which starts to burn when in contact with oxygen and heated to a temperature of 1200 ° C. If he gets on the skin, soft tissues are burned to the bone.

More used depleted uranium warheads. They turned Fallujah in Chernobyl. The consequences of these weapons will stretch over decades.

It is already clear — the situation in the city is worse than it was after the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. According to a recent study, the average rate of cancer among infants in Fallujah is much greater than that of survivors of the atomic bombings of Japanese cities. However, about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, every child knows, but about Fallujah heard almost no one.

Official Iraqi authorities are trying to information on Fallujah were not made public. In Baghdad, the Ministry of Health of Iraq reporter Bureau of Investigation said they had no information about the growth of congenital diseases do not exist. And to continue the conversation, he had to get permission from the Minister.

The Pentagon and did shrugs off charges. United States have not ratified the Protocol to the UN Convention prohibiting the use incendiary weapons in places of concentration of civilians. Therefore, formally the United States are not required to carry it out — that is legitimately can do that in the civilized world, is considered a war crime.


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