U.S. threatens sea-level rise

U.S. threatens rising sea levels Danger Zone

The lives of 5 million Americans are living at a height of a few meters above sea level, is really threatened by the consequences of global warming. Basically, it refers to coastal populations from Maine to the Gulf of Mexico and the west coast, where the water levels in the ocean of the risk of flooding has doubled.

Only one South Florida is under attack taxable property value of 30 billion U.S. dollars. In California, because of the changing climate in the next two decades will be exposed to the danger of flooding areas that had previously not experienced this. In the USA called the 48 states, which will sooner or later face the problem of rising sea levels that grew in 1980 by 20.3 cm

For the twenty-first century is projected to rise in water level at 0.6-2.1 m in most cases, people face with figures 0.9-1.2 m when the temperature rises by 1,1-1,6 ° C. Therefore, the risk of storm surge greater than 1.2 meters to the coast becomes more likely.

Scientists believe that by 2030, two-thirds of the surveyed 55 Location of risk of flooding unique strength and power that previously could happen once in a hundred years, to double and for most figure could triple. For the 4.9 million people living in these areas is 2.6 million homes, this could be a real disaster.

Especially worry 285 coastal cities in which, as it turned out, half of the population lives below the 41,2 m Florida 106 such settlements in Louisiana 65, in New Jersey and North Carolina to 22, Maryland 14 New York, 13 and Virginia 10. The situation is complicated by the Florida Geological feature of soils, which are comparable to the softness with Swiss cheese. Even if you build a fence on the bank of water, the liquid will seep under them.

Way out may be the importation of practices that have faced similar problems, and active preventive work on the coast.

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