U.S. waits for the most massive in the history of school closures

Chicago school

The authorities of the American city of Chicago (Ill.) in order to combat the budget deficit will be closed before the next school year, 50 schools at once. The proposal approved on Wednesday the City Council on Education

As noted by the media, the closure of schools in Chicago will be the most massive in the history of the United States. According to the authorities, they are forced to take such a severe measure to close the "hole" in the city budget, which currently stands at about $ 1 billion. Furthermore, the content of these schools found ineffective because they each year less trained children.

In the last days in Chicago were many demonstrations against the proposal of the city authorities. They were attended by hundreds of teachers, students and their parents. According to the protesters, the elimination of such a large number of educational institutions will inevitably lead to an increase in crime, according to ITAR-TASS.

Most of the schools are being closed in disadvantaged areas, home to mostly Hispanics and African Americans. The authorities have promised that all students would be transferred to the best schools. Meanwhile, many parents worry that their children will have to get to the house located far from schools across the criminally dangerous areas.

The initiator of the reform of school education in Chicago became mayor Rahm Emanuel — former chief of staff of the White House staff and a close ally of President Barack Obama. Last year, he proposed to put a system of certification of teachers in relation to academic performance of schoolchildren. Chicago teachers' unions met with hostility innovation and arranged a week-long strike.


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