UFO with shupaltsami damaged wind turbines in the UK


Wind turbines in Lincolnshire were destroyed by the unusual occurrence. Many witnesses describe what they saw, as it seemed to them as "a huge octopus with tentacles" or "a huge ball of light", which flew in the direction of the turbine before it was damaged.

A similar object "UFO with tentacles" as seen most recently over California. Is it a coincidence? There is also described the object like "octopus tentacles and who had."

The facility, which damaged the turbine Konayskholm near Louth, no longer touched anything in the vicinity, and experts are not able to give an explanation for what it was. No clashes were also reported in the area of aircraft.

Object over California

"There's definitely something there," said Robert Palmer, chairman of East Lindsey District Council a local newspaper:

"The local people have come to believe" that the truth has remained somewhere near, "and even the company that owns the turbine, admitted that he had never seen anything like this before.
"It was like a giant explosion in the air."

John Harrison, another witness, said he looked out the window and saw a "massive ball of light with tentacles" is landing directly on the ground "over the wind farm.

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