UK residents puzzled by the sudden appearance of vymyaobraznyh clouds

May 15, 2013. According to Express UK, dark, menacing and sparkling — These images show extraordinary phenomenon, which materialized in the skies over Shropshire. In the skies over Telford formed dark gray clouds, which when applied at each other turned into bubbles and reminded their appearance landing of aliens. Impressive clouds kept the audience in doubt as to their existence and formation mechanism. In fact, clouds, known as malopyatnistye "vymyaobraznye» (mammatus) — appeared in the form of shares and contained a lot of ice and rain. According to local weather forecasters, the clouds, which created a huge storm, flooded much of the UK over the weekend.

These clouds are usually associated with strong summer storms, and is a sign of the massive amounts of water vapor. Phil Spencer, a 39-year-old truck driver from Telford, was left puzzled sudden change of weather. He said: "I drove up to Morrisons and when he looked up and saw all these weird and wonderful shapes in the sky. They were there only for five or 10 minutes, then they also disappeared rapidly as they appeared. "

Based on: Express UK
Source: News plus comment

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