The American artist, taxidermist Reid Peppard, operating under the name of RP / Encore, created accessories and jewelry from the remains of animals that have been killed by cars on the road or died a natural death. The site of the artist can be found comb from the wing dove for $ 700, a hat for $ 1300, or if you want to buy something more substantial, you can buy, for example, a handbag, a fox for $ 4,400 on the spot with topaz eyes, golden finish and lined with black velvet.

Graduate of the college of art and design Central Saint Martins, who recently moved from London to Los Andzheless released three collections of jewelry and accessories animal origin — predators, protected animals and pets. The ranks of fans of the artist is joined by celebrities including Lady Gaga, Ozzy Osbourne and Jude Law.

Reid says her work is ethical, since the animals, which she uses have died from natural causes or accident.















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