USA: The death of thousands of bees in Winthrop, Minnesota

May 16, 2013. Spring season only managed to begin, and local farmers are already counting losses. In the last couple of days, another major manufacturer reported that thousands of bees suddenly died. In 2005, Minnesota was the sixth-largest producer of honey in the country. But since 2006, suddenly became extinct millions of bee colonies Minnesota and nationwide.

When Rand Henle and his wife came to check their hives on Tuesday morning, the first thing they noticed — in the air did not have any bees. And then, when they got closer, saw them lying on the ground. Each spring the family Henle brought thousands of worker bees from Texas to Winthrop, Minn., and their honey is delivered across the country. For more than 50 years of business, Rand had never seen anything like it. Their bees were in the order last week, but today most of the worker bees died.

Based on: CBS Minnesota

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