Volcanic activity on the Greek island

Volcanic activity on the Greek island of Danger Zone

On one of the Greek islands of Santorini (also known as Thera or Thira) notes the increasing volcanic activity. More than 20 monitoring stations indicate that the caldera woke rapidly deformed.

"After decades of low activity, in January 2012, by a series of aftershocks followed the deformation of the caldera, and the equipment in the northern part of the island moved by 5-9 centimeters. Magma chamber is full, so the activity of the volcano is closely watched, "- said Andrew Newman, one of the researchers.

The last eruption of Santorini was in 1950. Since January magma chamber increased by 14 million square meters. State of the volcano is considered dangerous. If caldera eruption happens underwater, it can cause a local tsunami, endangering tourist ships. Earthquakes can destroy homes and cause landslides.

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