Volcano Rokatenda proved his unpredictable

September 7, 2013. Photos of Indonesian active stratovolcano Rokatenda made before and after its last eruption, according to the unpredictability of volcanic eruptions. Once this volcano on the island of Palu intensified in late 2012, his ashes and lava mainly directed to the south from the top of the mountain. However, August 10, 2013 the volcano suddenly threw another batch of ash and volcanic rocks to the north from the top, resulting in a small village situated on the coast of killing six people.

Photographs taken satellite "Landsat-8", clearly shows the wide gray stripe that tapers to the north-west, repeating the likely path of deadly pyroclastic flows — fast-moving flows of hot ash, gas and rocks and volcanic debris.

As the flow of volcanic rock coming down the 875-meter summit of the volcano, it gradually declined, heading into the pre-existing channels. The flow out into the ocean on the north-west coast, hitting a few meters of the beach, on which were the victims of the eruption.

Photo before the eruption, August 3, 2013. © USGS

Photos after the eruption, September 4, 2013. © USGS

Source: News Gismeteo

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