Water on the border between Russia and China falls, but slowly

September 6, 2013. Flooding on the Amur River receding very slowly. Flooding in the Amur river recedes slowly. On the Chinese side of the island of Great Ussuri more than 90% of the area is still under water.

On the Sino-Russian border continues flood. If the water level falls, and, very slowly, the situation is still critical.

On the Chinese side of the island Heysyatszy, which in Russia is called the Big Ussuri, the water level is kept at around 1.3 meters. Flooded more than 90% of the territory.

Here are the frontier, the park wetlands and hotel complex. Also, before the arrival of the elements here was active in the construction of a botanical garden.

Now, almost the entire population of the island was evacuated, and guided tours are suspended. Most of the buildings on the island are flooded.

Situation is no better in the neighboring county of Fuyuan. There are roads under water, crops and homes.

In the city of Qiqihar flood peak has passed, the danger of flooding is removed.

Recall that the element hit the region in late August as a result of incessant rains. Very severe flood situation in the basins of the Songhua River, Nenjiang and Cupid.

Direct economic losses from floods in China reaches two billion dollars.

Source: New Tang Dynasty Television

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