We just lost the reason? Why did the bombing in Boston say more than the explosions in the West?


After 48 hours of bitter incidents at the Boston Marathon, an explosion at a fertilizer plant in the West (Texas) wiped out, killed 15 people and wounded about 200 men, women and children who had broken bones, burns, injuries and concussion. Destroyed 75 houses, which now can not be repaired, the housing complex of 50 apartments has turned into a pile of stones and sticks.

This means that more than 100 families homeless. There was no media coverage in the news, as there were a lot of children under five years of age who are at risk, as well as their home and family.

There was no media coverage in the news, what happened to the lodgers at home for the elderly, the building of which seriously destroyed by the blast. Most of these residents — elderly people with disabilities in need of constant care.

The population of a small town in West Texas is only about 2,800 people. They all saved their lives in the explosion. Most rescuers reported that they had a feeling of imminent death. But they bravely rushed into the smoke and flames to save lives. Unfortunately, no one praises them. Media reports did not let that tell of their exploits.

Whenever I turn on the television to watch the news on my screen appeared the story of two brothers who are suspected of Boston explosions and channel did not change anything. I almost did not meet on the Texas event, and was forced to look for more information about the explosion of the Internet. I was amazed at how light the explosion in Texas was weaker light explosions in Boston, for which, by the way, Google has issued a billion links, while on the explosion in Texas — only a hundred thousand.

I began to ask myself questions. Have we really lost interest in the lives and suffering of others? We have become so inhuman that broke away from our souls, capable of compassion? It looks like the chase and captured the suspect in Boston for us more interesting. Even more interesting than the stories of people from a small and unknown town in Texas.

On the other hand, I have a question: do we have lost the understanding and allowed the media to shape our perception of reality, and to dictate to us how to respond to events affecting our subconscious?

Source: Have We Lost Our Minds? Why the Boston Bombing Got So Much More Attention Than the West Texas Explosion, Margaret Rose Dominado, AlterNet, May 1, 2013.


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