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In Queens arrested 53 years. woman sent her 7-years old. son to school with a gun and rocket launcher instead of sandwiches.

Nearly a million New Yorkers do not have paid sick leave.

A lot of people are not dressed for the weather. African Americans in New York City walk like the Germans at Stalingrad, in several. layers of clothing, scarves, hats, mittens

In Brooklyn, arrested 16-year-old pranker which a female voice called police 329 times out of 70 non-existent plot to shoot.

In the Bronx in 15-year-old blew wads of money, obtained in the course of a bank robbery. Teenager with red mug taken to hospital.

The NYPD has received from London mobile scanners that "shine" of people on the street within a radius of 25 m

In Pennsylvania, 88-year-old dead, according to the will, the last time drove forward down to Burger King for their favorite sandwich.

Bronx: NY police interrogated 10:00 handcuffed to a radiator 7-year-old student who is suspected of stealing $ 5.

At JFK airport search. dog "Toby" suddenly perked up at the sight of two girls with fat asses only. Seized 6.5 kilograms of cocaine.

Psychologists are hitting non-existent in the Bell: about 20% of New Yorkers are constantly talking to inanimate objects.

Urgent: on 5th Avenue and the streets 18-24 (Manhattan) due to a sudden burst pipe, laid in 1915, ceases descends toilet!

In Brooklyn, the police bought the population of 113 weapons ($ 200 for the gun). Some grandfather brought the M1 carbine in 1944 and received a $ 20 card. Grenade in exchange for a $ 20 card at this time no one has brought. But handed a rare gun that fits in your palm. There is one thing — nowhere weapon ;) upon redemption of the police did not ask identity card, all anonymously.

Two 20-year-old students from Africa who had gone through the ice yesterday in Central Park, danced "opa Gangnam Style" in the middle of a snow-covered lake.

Frost drove all the houses, street shootings practically stopped

A gang of "Blood" published in his facebook order of liquidation 73 chief of police. area (Brooklyn), family photos and travel routes. All gangs have their NY page in the social. networks. Communicate to his coded language, which "broke" 73 chief of police. site.

A woman was attacked by Spider-Man in Times Square, she returned with her husband and another hit Spider-Man with the words "GET, CREATURE!" So yes, the big problem of Times Square. Lots of spiders, Mario, Batman :-) attacked for refusal to pay the pictures.

In the state of New York (Rochester) police arrested two citizens of Jamaica "on something" in which the house found a container with 204 kilograms of marijuana.

Tomorrow in Brooklyn at Union St from 6 to 9 pm will be an explosion. Do not worry, it intensified KGB spies in the TV series "The Americans"

A man dressed as Big Bird from Sesame Street (sighing): "after the attack Spider-Man on the people began to avoid me in Times Square …"

Today in Brooklyn 82-year-old woman was the last time sobbing passed videotape. In New York, closed the last video rental "Blockbuster".

In Brooklyn in the car, Mercedes-Benz with two shots to the head killed 44-year-old, a key informant of the Office. Drug Enforcement (DEA)

In the state of New York from March 1, 2013 will no longer arrest people during a search that was discovered less than 25 grams of marijuana. Journalists New York City Mayor Bloomberg: "Why did not legalize marijuana?" "In my studio. years, it was much weaker than … "Oops :)

In New York, organic chicken (breast) costs 500-600 rubles per kg.

In New York, a failure. Do not buy electric cars, though burst.

New Yorkers protest against the construction of the onshore pipeline, the cat. will be held from New Jersey to Manhattan. "If zhakhnet, down the drain."

New Jersey became the first state to officially withdraw the ban on photo for a driver's license, "smiling broadly with a colander on his head."

Shooting the final scene of "Harlem Shake" in the school of Queens ended the riots, two of the organizers of the 17-year-old arrested

Manhattan arrested three high-altitude installers that are sold to builders lunchtime World bargaining. the center of marijuana.

Some hell in Florida .. Gas. Stove shot a 18-years. Woman (cooked waffles), and yesterday to shoot the dog owner by clicking on the tab trigger.

In 2012, New Yorkers have slipped and fell to the $ 506 million (compensation from the city). A woman with "overweight" (159 kg), having failed on the belt on the wooden boardwalk of Brooklyn, has received $ 600,000 from the city. Drunk cyclist crashed on an unlit road in the city park in New York, received compensation of $ 3 million.

In Brooklyn, opened the first therapeutic disco club for former prisoners of concentration camps of Nazi Germany. Environments. Visitors age 89 years. Currently, Brooklyn is home to about 15,000 former prisoners of concentration camps of Buchenwald, Flossenburg, Bergen-Belsen and the Gross-Rosen. There is such a thing as a "healing dance". The majority like the idea of a free disco club, taxi .. It's better than sitting at home.

Grandmother of Manhattan (W140 St) accidentally discovered in a room with his 19-year-old grandson of 208-liter barrel of acid and human remains. My grandmother immediately called the police, grandson arrested.


New rules for transport of sex-toys at airports NY: size dildo should not exceed 18 cm, and a rubber woman must be completely deflated.

NY mayor Bloomberg has allocated $ 250,000 to fight the deaf teenagers who "spend hours listening to loud music through headphones intracanal."

Students at Columbia University, where tuition is $ 49.754 per year, every day are stolen from the dining room of 40-50 kg of peanut butter Nutella.

At night shelters for the homeless for the first time are more than 50,000 people. Every hundredth child of New York (21,034) spends the night in a city shelter.

The criminal who stole the iPhone in the Bronx, being "on something" accidentally posted my photos on Facebook mistress phone.

In New York, a drunk man tried to break away from police in a stolen lawn mower «Craftsman», which is the maximum speed of 12 km / h.

Memorial service for 16 years. the teenager who was shot dead by police in Brooklyn, grew into riots. Neighborhood Church / Nostrand Ave surrounded ESU.

In the state of New York (Mohawk) commandos began searching for 67-year-old man who set fire to his house and then shot the man in the barber shop 6. 64-year-old, who shot 6 people in the state of New York, was killed by special forces. When you capture a basement FBI dog was killed.

Over the past two years, the population of New York suddenly increased by 161.564 people (total 8,336,697). One in three lives in Brooklyn.

Every 10th New Yorker is an illegal immigrant. Total according to DHS: 630,000 people, or 950,000 according to unofficial sources. More than half of illegals NY — Mexicans, then comes South America, China, India and Korea. About 1% of Europe.


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