West Philippine Coast has suffered from waves Surges

May 29, 2013. Several piers western Philippine province of Iloilo hard hit by the wave Surges caused by strong winds during a storm. As a result of the storm severely damaged the property of the local fishermen, for whom fishing is the only source of income.

About 54 boats moored at the shore port estancia turned into a pile of wood and plastic debris after wind and water took them up on the 3-meter height and dropped down. House in the settlement Kapizov located near the water, completely flooded, because the wave height reached 1.9 meters. Wind gusts broke some pillars supporting the power lines.

Since the day when there was this natural disaster, the port was a market day, the water has gathered a lot of sellers and buyers. 10 of them were victims of the disaster. With a variety of injuries people had to be taken to a local hospital, the estancia. In Sitio Lamintau and Barotak Nuevo Wave 200 families forced to immediately evacuate from their flooded homes. In the city of Iloilo was recorded tornado that destroyed eight homes and damaged the 25 other buildings, the wind speed at the time reached 17 m / s.

The damage caused Surges wave is estimated by experts at about 7 million Philippine pesos.

Source: EcoWars.tv

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