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Gentlemen, Comrades, comrades, Herr and Frau, ladies and gentlemen! You do not notice that the grounds on which reigns civilized and developed part of humanity, has acquired the features of the house, which is popularly referred to as "yellow"? But in a paradoxical way. Because, in the backward traditional yellow house doctors examine patients carefully, record and analyze their delusions and prescribe appropriate treatment. And if necessary and dress shirt with on-the-extra-long sleeves. No one comes to mind incarnate delusional (that are completely unrelated to reality and mutually exclusive) ideas. Patients were kept in spetsusloviya under which they could harm themselves or others.

In the modern avant-garde European Yellow House in shirts with long sleeves dressed doctors as delusional ideas were put into practice by patients.
And as it should have crazies, their words imply the meaning that is different from the conventional, their actions cause great harm, there and everywhere, and logic has nothing to do with the logic of a normal person.
Although no … We comply with the spirit of time. Once discharged mental treatment, let's call them "normal", and themselves, in any way do not accept this nonsense, "backward mossy traditionalists." And now we prescribe treatments:
http://ria.ru/world/20130325/928789827.html "The police broke up a demonstration against the gas-sex marriages in Paris"
A "normal" from a very European Ministry for Family Affairs preach to young parents of two age groups of children — from 1 to 3 years, and 5-6-year-olds: "Fathers do not devote enough attention to the clitoris and vagina of their daughters. Caressing her daughters, fathers do not pay much attention to this area, while it is — the only way in which girls can develop pride in the fact that they are girls — "
Children aged 4-6 years booklet recommends the training of the Kama Sutra. At the moment, this booklet is a must in 9 German regions in the manger, kindergarten and elementary school …. this booklet is recommended to organizations that are officially fighting pedophilia. These booklets in millions of copies around the country. "
Fight against pedophilia, you say? Well, well … Like this, like honey bees are fighting against. Penetration of "normal" logic and the development of children's ideas suggest starting seksprosvet right in the womb.
So wait: our local pedophiles have come to this saliva strawberry, anticipating how they will raise it from us. And divide the rate instructors. And remember, in normal language is included in the concept "The fight against pedophilia" and? "Education of children and adolescents hygiene skills and healthy life."
Speaking of logic. Normal, European, zheltodomovskoy, of course: how to integrate the development of pride in "Girls for what it is — a girl" (See above) with the fight against "gender stereotypes"? We, mossy and backward, and there is a man there is a woman. Their alliance to the birth and upbringing of children is called marriage. The girl is brought up as an expectant mother, and the boy — as a future father. Everything else — from the evil one. And no pedophilia … And in the nursery yellow house … sorry, Western Europe, girls dress up in boys clothes and forced to fight, and the boys — in dresses and taught to use cosmetics
And kids Yellow House played here such toys:
http://www.nashagazeta.ch/news/11800"Soon we will be cured …."
But it is, by the way.
While acknowledging the norm first sodomy, instead of imposing male and female concept of "gender", and averaged these "gender" as it is already the fingers on the hand is not enough, invented the 20 species of marriage, http://libertinethought.blogspot.ru/2008/01/20-types-of-marriage.html  Yellow House chief doctor is taking the next step. It's time to go out into the open, enough to hide and hide! It is time to recognize pedophilia norm.
"On the road trodden gay or 5 simple steps to legalize pedophilia '. http://perevodika.ru/articles/22649.html
And that is not just a hobby groups, and political parties are whole, their people in the justices of different levels, training programs of sex education of children from the moment of their birth, the advertising campaign unfolded in the media and public debate on the topic pedophile — it's not a pervert and a criminal and selfless educator of the younger generation.
http://www.nashagazeta.ch/news/10492 "Youth branch of the Socialist Party of Switzerland has proposed to use in class porn sex education — so students better prepared for adult life and be able to resist stereotypes".
That the courts have their justify, understand and come to a position:
"British judge withheld pedophile: a 10-year-old victim was" defiant "lacy underwear".
"And in the courts of Europe works pedophile lobby?"
http://alfanews.md/nationalnews/i_v_sudakh_evropy_rabotaet_pedofilskoe_lobbi /A selection of links that you understand the scale:
Pedophiles write in the central Norwegian newspapers that not all pedophiles Norwegian — rapists. They de fond of children, supposedly not criminal in Norway … The article is called — "I'm a pedophile, and it sounds good".
The leader of Norway Jans Stoltenberg personally supports pedophilia. He was a witness in the case of his best friend — Rune Oygarda governor, who was sentenced to 4 years for the rape of a girl under the age of 12 years.
First homophilic organizations emerged in Norway in 1950. Homophilia say in Norway that children have a right to sexuality and fun with the kids in Norway do not consider violence.
Women's pedophilia in Scandinavia — a terrible trauma for children. Women's pedophilia in Norway TWICE taboo. That is, the children can not tell about the violence in Norway by the Norwegian women under pain of death. Research of the University of Bergen.
http://genusnytt.wordpress.com/2011/06/14/kvinnliga-pedofiler-orsakar-barn-storre-skada /
Norway welcomes seksturistov who like fun with the kids. Norway announces the discovery of the islands themselves pedophilia (2011)
Once Europol has arrested 184 members of pedophile networks and NONE of Norway — a "closed" lock pedophiles to which Europol could not reach.
Norway plays "a pedophile roulette" with the lives of children
http://article.wn.com/view/2012/04/13/Norsk_pedofili /
In Norway homophilia fighting for the right to marry children
http://article.wn.com/view/2012/04/13/Norsk_pedofili /
In Norway, there is an organization of pedophiles, which traces its history, has its luminaries in psychology, opradyvayuschih pedophilia. This organization has ambitious plans to expand political influence in Norway.
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