What do they think about the support of Britain, the British Syrian rebels

Foreign Secretary William Hague told MPs that Britain was likely to supply weapons Syrian rebels. The reaction of the readers in the comments to the news www.dailymail.co.uk

Foreign Secretary William Hague

— Where do we get the money, if we have such a disruption?

— Why do politicians draw us into conflicts in which we have no interest?

— Participation in all the conflicts of the last two decades have led our country to bankruptcy. Should stay away from other people's problems

— Great news! Syria allocate a lot of money! Yes! The crisis was over!

— About how! Britain is fighting with al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, which equips in Syria!

— And later the British troops will have to fight against the Islamists?

— I'll tell you what we have to send back. We need to send anything back. Haig ubeysya wall!

— Can we send there very Haig? Oh, please, tell me what you can!

— Haig is being financed by the jihadists and so keep that in mind.

— A population of Britain tried to ask?

— Idiots spend money on it, and leave his army with bare ass!

— Together with the latest hair Haig lost remains of the mind.

— Stop it! Listen to the British people — no more wars in other countries!

— Stop it! Remember that we are a small and poor country!

— Meanwhile, our seniors can not heat their homes, children do not receive school lunches

— Who gave this loony right to speak on behalf of all the people? What if Russia, Iran and Syria will want to change the regime in England, they will be entitled to interfere in our affairs?

— A bunch of parasites is keen to start a third world war

— Went there last wheel, and a private army will walk the walk. This government is murderous vampires.

— We do not have to send back the technique very soon we will need it here

— A small British island jumps out of the pants to maintain the status of a world power. While the Germans stepped back from it as far as possible

— We can not take care of his army, how can we at the same time take care of someone else?

— Do we hold out for these dangerous idiots ministers to the new re-election?

— It is necessary that the minister put in the first car and run into a minefield

— It's time we take up arms to overthrow their own dictators!

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