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Many feel terribly boring science of archeology. Maybe it's for some not, but when some enthusiast accidentally discovers somewhere in Tibet alkaline battery or the usual calendar, which is designed for one of the future centuries, skeptics have nothing to cover.

Yes, of course, these interesting findings is very difficult to fit into the proverbial, staged development of the human race and our civilization, the more that quite often these anachronisms or artifacts are simply fake. Yet among them there are those who are not worthy of a doubt, and deep astonishment.

This Greek "computer" is only 2,000 years old. Similar machines older general would have not survived, did not survive.

Internet users in ancient Egyptian, computer Jurassic era, the personal starship to King Arthur … In short it may be called fantasy, but nevertheless they are those subjects who were not characterized by its time, and hence it is there.

And why many choose to take only the most primitive artifacts of the past? Why, for example, no mention of weapons of mass destruction, which could well be the cause of death of the dinosaurs? The thing is that a lot of theories about the existence of ancient civilizations overdeveloped go into such an unimaginable depth of centuries, what about the remaining evidence of what was then the science and technology is simply pointless.

Imagine yourself what would happen if some megatsivilizatsiya or a colony of aliens existed long ago, well, for example, about four thousand years ago. Yes, we would literally at every step we stumbled on the left to achieve their technological progress. Around the skyscrapers would be destroyed, littered with underground stations, airports for aircraft, not to mention the ancient household rubbish dumps.

It is much better preserved remains of a man or his small tools. For example, in Ethiopia's Omo River were found the oldest traces of human intelligent activities, such as quartzite chopper, which dates back to the age of two million years BC.

Naturally, the discovery of the "Mesozoic computer" is simply not a question of: things just a little more difficult to some stone ax or metal decorations simply could not live up to our days in such a condition that they can be studied. And if they were made of a ductile material, after the sudden and untimely death of an advanced civilization that generated it, we would have found the footprints of prehistoric, but the development of the "golden age."

Near Belgrade on Neolithic artifacts found Vinca alphabet,
which relate to the six thousandth BC. Not clear icons that cover the pottery shards and figurines of animals led researchers to think hard.


It is still not possible to decipher the writing on them and hardly anyone ever lucky enough to do it. But if it's really meaningful language, books on ancient history have to be rewritten: it will Vinca alphabet ancient writing on Earth, ahead of the Sumerian and Egyptian sources for many thousands of years.

And another linguistic puzzle that has excited the minds of scientists — is "disk of Phaistos"Drive-stone, found during excavations in the vicinity of the city of Phaistos, Crete. It was created in the second millennium BC. The disc contains a strange circular tracings of forty-five different types of signs that are beyond any explanation. His place of manufacture and purpose to this day is the subject of hot debate. And mentioning the origin of the Mediterranean, the disc is often credited to a number of artifacts long lost Atlantis.

disk of Phaistos


Building on the well-known hypothesis of the existence in Europe of the great proto-civilization, not to mention about the found at the end of 2005 so-called "Bosnian pyramids", which greatly interested scientists. Near the town of Visoko in Bosnia and Herzegovina until today there is a very unusual hill, which in its form resembles a pyramid.

Enthusiast and researcher Semir Osmanagich, conducted the first excavations on the hill, said they found the remains of facing stones and a number of tunnels that go into the "building."

Age of the hill or the "Pyramid of the Sun", referred to them by analogy with another pyramid — from the city of Teotihuacan in Mexico, currently estimated at twelve thousand years, which is almost ten thousand years older than the pyramids of Cheops. Height of the "Pyramid of the Sun", is about 215 meters, and here it is ahead of his famous Egyptian "sister" by as much as seventy-five meters.

"Adjacent to the Pyramid of the Sun" are a few of the same pyramid-shaped hills, baptized "Pyramid of the Moon," "Pyramid of the Dragon", etc. Due to certain reasons, these researchers have built immediately became associated with the lost Atlantis continent Mo, Lemuria, and other extinct cultures.

This unique building is an anachronism — it's unfinished obelisk, which was found in the Aswan quarries in Egypt. Its length reaches forty-two meters, and the approximate weight — more than 1150 tons. This obelisk, when completed, would be, perhaps, the largest ever created by mankind. Riddle of the obelisk is that the ancient architects began carving it without having any suitable technologies for the transportation and installation.

At the very end of their work in granite, is cut out of the obelisk, went to opposite sides of the crack, and the work had to throw at him. However, only the fact that the Egyptians took a chance and took up a similar project, clearly shows that they did not consider their activities aimless, and thus possessed an arsenal of some specific technologies that today we can only guess.

No less strange and are on the Nazca lines, which dates back to the age of 600 to 200 BC. It is not clear how the ancient Indians "drawn" hundreds of figures — from simple forms to animals, birds and insects. The strange thing is that they are visible only from the height of bird flight. Although why it took the Indians — is unclear, as these lines from the ground look completely pointless.

Today, the UFO does not say just lazy, and that they are visiting Earth — a fact. But if extraterrestrials visited by us now, what prevents them from doing this and. in the distant past. Consequently, all of these wonders artifacts may well be attributed to their activities on the planet. Yes, these examples across our globe vast.

Take, for example, South Africa. Since the time of the cradle of our civilization, the African continent was called the country of mines or "lower world". A huge number of minerals, including diamonds are mined, and now, the search for new, we have to literally bite into the depths as deep as possible.
So, one day, in the town Ottosdal, miners during excavations pyrophyllite layer deposited over 2.8 million years ago, began to find areas of blue metal. The balls were slightly dented pressure rocks, and some were three parallel grooves on the "equator": neat and clearly artificial.

Around the Greek Antikythera wreckage old frigate were found rusted parts unknown device called a "mechanism of Antikythera."

About the "machine" nature of this finding guessed right. Artifact were carefully studied. Set the time of manufacture — about 87 BC. In practice, the "mechanism of Antikythera" is difficult for us system dials, gears, transmissions and scales, which presumably used for astronomical calculations.

Fast-forward to Russia, on the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains to the shores of the river Narada. This is where the prospectors find strange things in the drilling of wells in the gold layers. First, artifacts made of gold dust, but the sand was very strange.

And when looked at them under a microscope, they saw a tiny spiral, pieces of rings and other details clearly artificial. After a thorough investigation it was found out that the parts are made of … tungsten. Tungsten, which is considered very strong and refractory metal with a melting point that reaches three thousand degrees. It turns out that tungsten — ideal for spacecraft …

Prehistoric artifacts require extremely careful and cautious attitude. Most often they can be faked or misinterpreted subjects of modern times. But let's hope that one day humankind may be or have already proved really invaluable heritage of ancient civilization, a certain box of Pandora.

"Interesting newspaper. Unknown World" № March 2013


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