What is the dollar value of a human life?

What is the dollar value of a human life? It is interesting

It may seem cruel to evaluate human life in terms of money, but for security experts is absolutely necessary. They judge how certain safety rules will be cost-effective, drawing a parallel between the cost of the implementation of specific security measures and the cost of human lives that could be saved. "You can not just say that every life infinitely expensive. At least, the world is not built on such a statement, "- said political scientist at Ohio State University, John Mueller.

What is the price of human life in a world where money rules? According to Mueller, the U.S. "value of a statistical life equals about $ 5 million," but for regulators is too much money.

Imagine a trailer park, located at sea level in the northern part of the Gulf Coast. Experts in emergency management will review the need facilities refuges hurricane. You must know how hurricanes can walk through that costs could be recouped. Takes into account not only the frequency of uranium, but the number of people living in the surrounding area (remember that every life is estimated at $ 5 million) and the cost of construction and maintenance of shelters for the hurricane. If the quantity of money (in terms of human lives) than the actual cost, the shelter should be built. But the U.S. government can not allow the widespread construction of such shelters.

If the $ 5 million seems too small price, in reality, this amount is even lower. For example, someone is killed at work due to an accident, usually the family paid a lot less than 5 million, and the families of soldiers killed in the war in Iraq, the government allocated 600 thousand dollars. It turns out that this is the real cost of living.

If you do not agree with this approach to human life and considers it priceless, then think about the following situation: more than 30,000 people in the U.S. die each year in car accidents, but if the government reduced the speed limit to 20 kilometers per hour, the number of victims would be close to zero . Do you want this? Probably not, thereby asserting that the move with greater speed than 20 kilometers per hour, the cost of the lives of more than 10 thousand people.

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