What is the solar storm on the sound?

What is the solar storm on the sound? It is interesting

To understand the solar storm in sound, researchers at the University of Michigan have created a system to measure sound during solar storms. Creator is a doctoral student Robert Alexander, who is also working with NASA on the study of sound and other sources of information.

Recently solar storm reached Mercury, and terrifying sound, recorded in a collision with the equipment, like the most terrible monster you can imagine. March 7, 2012 in the Sun there was a severe outbreak of X5, which hit the high-energy particles on the spacecraft to observe the Sun SOHO. After this shock wave reached satellite Mercury.

For this project, Robert Alexander used data from satellites and apparatus MESSENGER observations of the Sun. To determine the sound was recorded about 90 hours of data (waveform), but 44 thousand hertz duration was quarter of a second. In order to translate this information into a human-readable form, the researchers used additional methods of analysis and picked up the speed.

Robert Alexander developing a new technology for several years. In late 2011, his approach has helped make the discovery. It turned out that a certain ratio of carbon atoms can find information about the solar wind, which until recently did not exist.

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